To Repel North Korea Nuclear Attack, Coconut Beach Ritual Done in Malaysia

To Repel North Korea Nuclear Attack, Coconut Beach Ritual Done in Malaysia PHOTOGRAPH: Twitter/@RajaBomoh_Ibra |

The North Korea vs Malaysia feud is not dying down any sooner. With North Korea and Malaysia’s relations deteriorating, it is rightful for both countries to prepare for any circumstances. Malaysia’s Raja Bomoh Sedunia, also known as Ibrahim Mat Zin, volunteered his services to assist his country. The Bomoh released a video where he had a coconut beach ritual in order to repel an attack from North Korea.

A bomoh is a Malay shaman and a traditional medicine practitioner. Malaysia and parts of Sumatra mainly used the term. In the English translation, it could be considered as a medicine man or witch doctor. Raja Bomoh became a controversial figure after he made headlines when he conducted rituals at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Supposedly, the rituals will help to locate the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight.

Raja Bomoh, who gave himself a title of Datuk Mahaguru, released a video clip of himself conducting a ritual. The video features the bomoh and his three assistants in an ankle-deep water with two coconuts and a pair of sticks, five bamboo cannons. Two of his assistants were holding a carpet and a bowl of seawater. The bomoh wore a business suit while reciting prayers throughout the ritual and vehemently throwing the coconuts to the water. He stated that the ritual was an effort to protect Malaysia from harm.

The video had a disclaimer, warning people to conduct the ritual at home. Ibrahim stated that the ritual is also a way to ‘soften the heart of North Korea’s leader and release the Malaysians held in the communist country. The bomoh explained that the bamboo cannon is symbolic. It does not mean to provoke any party but rather a cautionary measure that will hope to resolve the conflict soon.

North Korea vs Malaysia tension rises as the two nations held each countries’ citizens

The conflict occurred after Kim Jong Nam, Kim Jong Un’s half-brother, died at an airport in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Malaysian government refused to release the body to the North Korean government. Malaysian officials wanted Jong Nam’s next-of-kin to come forward and claim the remains and provide investigators with DNA. However, nobody came out and the authorities deduced that Jong Nam’s family members could be fearing for their lives. North Korean leaders were adamant to have Jong Nam’s body back in their country but Malaysia refused.

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak directly accused North Korea of murdering Jong Nam. Razak stated, “What we are facing now is the result of their action in assassinating their own citizen in Malaysia, on Malaysian soil, using a strictly banned chemical weapon.” The accusation comes since Jong Nam was the heir apparent of Kim Jong Il but fall out of grace from his father. After Jong Un claimed the position, Jong Nam stayed in Macau, fearing for his life. Analysts say that Jong Nam’s existence threatened Jong Un’s regime, especially with the possibility of China trying to install the latter as North Korea’s leader. North Korea denied the accusation and stated that Malaysia is conspiring with their enemies.

The tension escalated quickly when Malaysia removed North Korean ambassador Kang Chol due to the deteriorating diplomatic ties. In response, North Korea barred all Malaysians from leaving the country. Malaysia followed suit and prevented North Koreans from leaving the country.

Source: The Straits Times, CNN

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