Tiziana Cantone Viral Sex Video Still Haunts Her Mother

Tiziana Cantone Viral Sex Video Still Haunts Her Mother PHOTOGRAPH: skeeze/Pixabay | Under Public Domain

Maria Teresa Giglio, mother of Tiziana Cantone who killed herself after a leaked sex video tape, finally found the courage to speak up. She shared her pain the moment she saw her daughter taken away by the ambulance after committing suicide. As the mother now fully digests the gravity of the controversy, she will work hard to have the video be totally eradicated from the online world.

One of the biggest internet sensations became one of the saddest in the case of Cantone. Though many people associated her with her leaked sex tape showing her having sex with multiple men, not many knew that their sins are graver when they decided to share and make fun of the video.

A Mother’s Mission to Stop Tiziana Cantone Sex Video

Although Cantone passed last year, her mother is still haunted by the videos that were online. It took her weeks to talk to reporters about her daughter’s life. Speaking with BBC, she shared that her daughter lacked a paternal figure from birth. While she was a good girl, she was also vulnerable and fragile as well.

Giglio fondly recalled Cantone. Her daughter loved listening to Italian songs while enjoying a good book. She also knew how to play the piano. However, when the sex video proliferated online, her daughter had drastically changed too. She remembered that she started withdrawing from the world. Until one day, she received a call from her sister-in-law telling her to come home immediately. When arrived at their house which she shared with her daughter, she saw her being lifted by men to the ambulance. She lost all her will power to get near her daughter seeing her lifeless body.

Months after Cantone’s death, as if grieving for her daughter was not enough, she needed to watch the infamous Tiziana sex video. “You can only imagine what it is like. I wanted to see details that would allow me to understand the truth. That was not my Tiziana,” she told BBC. She also said that her daughter looked like she was drugged. Hence, she believed, that the whole controversy should be investigated as one that is criminal in nature. “It’s as if this was a premeditated, criminal plan. They just wanted to show the face of this poor girl, with the intention of exposing her on the internet,” she added.

Giglio is determined to get all the intimate videos removed from the Internet. While they can no longer be found on the main search engines, there is a possibility that some copies still exist. Apart from this, she is also determined to fight for her daughter’s name and prevent others from going through the same struggles.

How the Tiziana Cantone Sex Video Went Viral

The story of Italian native Tiziana Cantone was known around the world. According to Daily Mail, she took part in orgies with her boyfriend because he enjoyed watching her do that. The videos then leaked online in 2015 after she sent the video to five people. These videos were taken via phone that her then boyfriend Sergio Di Palo filmed.

Web users subjected her to abuse when it spread. Although she was able to get explicit images taken down from Facebook, she owed five porn sites 20,000 euros. They had successfully argued the videos showed she consented to sex.

People blew it out of proportion and users turned her “You’re making a video? Bravo!” comment into a meme punchline. The video’s popularity got her image appearing on t-shirts and parody websites. Many believed she willingly consented to this and never mind the ridicule.

The events that followed were very dark. Cantone could not even go out in the street because she was afraid that people would recognize her. She could not even live a normal life anymore, even if she did change her name. Her life was ruined, people made fun of her, and when it was all too much she killed herself while her mom was at work.

The silver lining is that the tone of Italy’s debate on pornography and privacy has changed. Italian society got a wake up call in the aftermath of Tiziana Cantone suicide. Her death changed everything and served as a lesson to those who over share online.


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