Three Phenomena That Science Can’t Explain

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Three Phenomena That Science Can’t Explain PHOTOGRAPH: Maxpixel Free Great Pictures | Under Public Domain Dedication

The world has a lot of technological advances over the recent years. Despite the groundbreaking findings in various sciences, there some phenomena in that science can not explain until now. Although there is some scientific explanation given to justify the odd occurrences, the academia is not united to accept such justifications.

Here are three phenomena that science cannot explain:

Taos Hum

Audio recording of the hum heard from Taos and around the world

Nothing is more annoying than having a constant buzzing sound. In the town of Taos, New Mexico, the people had been living with same recurring buzz for years. Two to 11 percent of the residents complain about a low-frequency hum. There had been a lot of explanations suggested to explain it but none of it has been proven. Moreover, the phenomena are not specific to a certain location. In fact, the low hum has been heard in some town around the world.

Some of the theories involved psychological to paranormal explanations. People blamed a number of reasons fro the Taos hum such as stoned hippies, underground UFO bases, and secret government mind control experiments.


NASA STS-48 footage

For years, NASA recorded some dramatic footage of several Unidentified Flying Objects. Through all the years, science has yet to explain the UFO sightings. Some of the video recordings above Earth baffled experts, despite being more than two decades old. NASA STS-48 captured one strange footage during the space shuttle orbit in 1991.

A writer on space phenomena, Arjun Walia, looked at various studies to get an explanation on the UFOs. He stated that in the video of the STS-48, a dozen objects moved in a peculiar fashion.

Walia stated, “a fascinating part occurs when one object, at a point near the horizon, is heading towards Earth and, as a flash occurs at the 33 second mark, another object moves rapidly across the field of view, and the object heading towards Earth shoots off into outer space at high speed.” Walia believes that the fact that the world saw the video meant that an explanation has to be given. For him, it is difficult to dismiss the sight of strange glowing objects floating around. Some theories about the videos included a portal to another part of the universe to ice particles.

Near Death Experiences

Pam Reynolds’ interview regarding her near-death experience

A near-death experience or NDE is associated with death or impending death. Some people experienced a variety of sensations which include detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, and the presence of light. The most prevalent explanation for this experience is related to the neuroscience research. Some explanations are convincing but still, some scientists cannot explain the out-of-body experience, where the patient sees himself and accurately describe what happened following the doctor’s declaration of being clinically dead.

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