The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan Comments on the New Rick in Upcoming Episodes

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The Walking Dead Season 7: Negan Comments on the New Rick in Upcoming Episodes PHOTOGRAPH: The Walking Dead Official Facebook Page |

Fans can be assured that Rick will have a happy moment in The Walking Dead season 7 finale. Andrew Lincoln literally “started punching the air” in excitement after reading the script. Fans wondered what sort of positivity in the script could get Lincoln that enthusiastic.

Unfortunately, fans will have to wait until the TWD season 7 finale to find the answer. But it looks like Jeffrey Dean Morgan has also read the script . Surprisingly, the actor is as excited as Lincoln based on his statement.

Morgan and Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon, were recently on the panel in Walker Stalker Cruise 2017. Morgan decided to give comment on Rick’s big moment. He added that his character Negan might also be happy about it.

Negan Is Happy for Rick’s ‘Little’ Moment

“I’m glad Rick can have a little moment. Good for him,” Morgan said via Comicbook. “I’m glad that Rick can have a moment. I think this has been a tough season. So, if he gets to have a moment where he can jump around and be happy, If anybody’s earned it, it’s Andy Lincoln. And, as a fan of the show, I was even a little happy he could have a moment. Maybe Negan was sort of happy. I think Negan will be amused by him having a moment.”

Reedus also made a comment as Morgan concluded. “Things can always turn around, though,” Reedus said. “Sometimes tough guys don’t look so tough.” However, Morgan still had the last laugh. “Sometimes tough guys kick ass,” he said.

Possible Fallout From Rick’s Retaliation in The Walking Dead Season 7

It is clear that both actors are teasing a fallout over Rick’s move to go against Negan. Moreover, there might be instances when the survivors will face several setbacks that could make them lose hope. But based on Lincoln’s earlier statement, the finale will likely impress TWD fans. The Walking Dead will start airing again on Sunday on AMC.

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