The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14: Sasha Says Emotional Goodbye

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The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14: Sasha Says Emotional Goodbye PHOTOGRAPH: The Walking Dead Official Facebook Page |

The Walking Dead season 7 episode 14 titled The Other Side, will feature Sasha’s emotional goodbye, which is a bad omen for her. Season 7 has only three episodes left before it gives a likely devastating finale. With the recent developments of the last few episodes, it seems like the series is going full steam ahead.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 13: Rosita and Sasha accepted a suicide mission

In episode 13 titled Bury Me Here, fans saw Sasha teaming up with her love rival Rosita to take down the Saviors leader, Negan. The episode started with Ezekiel and his group met the Saviors for the Kingdom’s weekly tribute. The Saviors noticed that a single cantaloupe went missing. Jared proceeded to shoot Benjamin, who bled to death. Morgan found the missing cantaloupe hidden. Morgan learned that Richard sabotaged the tribute in a bid to get himself killed to become a martyr. This led Morgan to strangle Richard to death for causing the death of Benjamin. Morgan told Carol that Negan killed a lot of people including Abraham, Glenn, Spencer, and Olivia. This prompted her to return to the Kingdom to fight the Saviors together with Ezekiel.

Meanwhile, Rosita and Sasha knew that taking down Negan will be a suicide mission. The two women are ready to take on the responsibility and bid goodbye to their pals. In the preview for episode 14, Sasha was the first one to leave. In doing so, she made an emotional farewell to The Hilltop, especially with Enid. Sasha seemed to hide the mission from the Maggie, who is frail due to her pregnancy.

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 14: Sasha’s failed assassination of Negan

Fans can expect that the Saviors will visit The Hilltop. Based on the official episode trailer, they will not be leaving with only the supplies in hand. It seems like the Saviors are looking for someone else from the group. In the meantime, Jesus told Sasha that Rosita did not come to train people. Sasha assured him that she will not change her mind in going ahead with the mission.

The clip showed snippets of Sasha packing some ammunition to back up her arsenal. In a recently released clip, Sasha even enlisted Enid to her plan. In the clip’s final scene, Sasha is setting her sights on Megan with her sniper rifle. However, things might not go favorable for Sasha’s side. Apparently, The Other Side will focus on a failed assassination attempt on Reagan. Whatever this entails on Sasha and Rosita’s plan will be revealed in episode 14.

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