The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10: Find Out the Reason Behind Rick’s Cryptic Smile

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The Walking Dead returned after its mid-season break with an episode full of twists. Episode 9 ended with Rick Grimes smiling in the face of danger. His unusual reaction to the situation will be the focal point for the upcoming The Walking Dead season 7 episode 10 titled New Best Friends.

The mid-season premiere of AMC’s zombie apocalypse series had Rick and the team setting their plans in motion to take down the Saviors, most especially Negan. In episode 9’s final moments, a mysterious faction armed with weapons surrounded Rick and his gang. Instead of looking distressed, Rick’s response was a smile, an emotion he rarely displayed in the series.

Fans theorized that the men were called the Whisperers from the comic books. However, this theory is not verified. The other members of Rick’s team looked terrified with guns, cleavers and knives aimed at their faces. Rick smiled while echoing Michonne’s words in the early part of the episode. Michonne stated, “We’re here. You can smile. We’re the ones who live.”

The Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 10: Why did Rick smile in the face of danger?

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, show runner Scott Gimple explained Rick’s smile. Gimple stated that the smile will be connected to episode 10. Rick is caught in an awful situation but did not reacted in the most expected way. Rather than see the men as a threat, Rick sees them as the answer. Gimple referred to Rick’s attempts to recruit an army that is strong enough to wage a war against the Saviors.

The showrunner added that it is an interesting story that will not leave the fans hanging. Gimple stated that episode 10 will further explain Rick’s smile. The episode’s director, Greg Nicotero, added that Rick is smiling because he felt that his army is standing in front of him. He wants to make sure that those people will be on his side.

Rick knew that he will need additional support to take down Negan. He even reached out to Gregory as well as to Ezekiel. The two declined to join Rick’s rebellion. However, it will only be a matter of time before they agree to join forces and take down Negan and the Saviors.

The synopsis for The Walking Dead Season 7 episode 10 talked about the fate of Rick’s group. While the group were searching for Alexandrian, they encountered a mysterious weapon-wielding group. Fans can catch on the hype every Sunday on AMC.

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