Fans Clamor For The Vampire Diaries Spinoff, Damon’s Proposal To Elena to Be Shown

Fans Clamor For The Vampire Diaries Spinoff, Damon’s Proposal To Elena to Be Shown PHOTOGRAPH: The Vampire Diaries Official Facebook |

The Vampire Diaries just ended but there are some fans keeping their fingers crossed for a spin-off. The popular vampire series just had it finale but it doesn’t seem like it is the end. After being out of the spotlight for so long, perhaps the Damon-Elena relationship may take the spotlight.

The finale episode was something fans were looking forward to for the longest time. Of course seeing the end of a series is not what a loyal fan would want. However, the reunion of soul mates Damon, played by Ian Somerholder, and Elena, played by Nina Dobrev, was something many were waiting to see for many seasons.

The Vampire Diaries Spinoff: The Ending That Never Happened

Not everything that gets filmed makes the cut in the editing stage. According to Huffington Post, this is what some hardcore The Vampire Diaries fans are mad about. The creators Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec had a very different ending in mind. Everyone knows that one of the Salvatore brothers had to sacrifice their life for Elena’s, which is what Stefan, played by Paul Wesley, did. However, not everyone knows that there was an alternate ending with Damon proposing to Elena.

As much of a fairytale ending it would be, the creators decided to cut it completely. Not because it did not make sense in the finale, but because they went over 18 minutes in the overall episode time. This is why they just decided to put her in scrubs, as she went to medical school. This showed a faster passage of time that way.

Fans may want to see the alternate finale ending but none of the Delena shippers are disappointed. In any case, they finally got their favorite couple back together. Plus, they finally get a happy ending that is something hey should be getting. While the alternate ending will not be revealed on television, fingers are crossed they make the deleted scenes reel.

The Vampire Diaries Spinoff: Another Happy Ending?

In relation to this, Caroline, played by Candice King, may also be getting the happy ending she did not get with Stefan, played by Paul Wesley. In the finale episode she gets a letter from her former lover Klaus. The voice over, done by Alaric, says “but that is the beginning of another story.” This could only mean that there may be a possible future for them.

Fans are speculating she may appear in the Originals, but according to Teen Vogue, this might not be possible. Creator Julie Plec explains that there might be a possibility she won’t make The Originals. This is because the show will end with its fourth season. Given that the Klaroline pairing had such a huge following in The Vampire Diaries, perhaps there may be a new spin-off show in the works.


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