The Trumps Make For An Interesting Lego Set

The Trumps Make For An Interesting Lego Set Pixabay

Don’t go fetching your wallet just yet, because the eerily realistic The Trumps Lego set isn’t real. It is a spoof made up by a YouTube channel!

If something becomes the trend of the year, one can safely assume that Minecraft will be planning to turn that trend into some sort of a Lego set.

And given that the biggest historic moment of 2016 was Donald Trump’s victory in the US Elections, it wouldn’t be surprising if people were suddenly gifting each other the Trumps Lego set this Christmas.

Donald Trump Lego Set Incorporates Every Detail Of His Life

Who wouldn’t want to get their hands on a perfectly tanned Trump with an ever squinty-pouty face?

The Trumps Lego commercial created by “The School Of Life” shows Donald Trump, along with every member of his family having their very own Trump Towers. The towers range in size from tallest to smallest, with Barron Trump getting stuck with the tiniest one.

Then the interiors of Donald Trump’s tower, fully furnished with golden Lego sets. It also includes a Lego lion as a pet for some reason (but then it’s Donald Trump remember?)

Donald Trump also has his steaming hot tanning parlor. It also has a Lego courtroom which the commercial dubs as Trumps’s “second home”.

Donald Trump Lego Set A Nightmare For Kids

And of course, how can a Donald Trump Lego set be complete without his first love – his mobile phone from which he tweets away! There is also a red landline telephone which Trump uses to connect directly to Putin.

Why else will a Lego doll be surrounded by Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA?

Also, the children who play with this imaginary Lego set is surely going to need therapy after watching “The Donald” chase around climate-change advocates!

Since all of Donald Trump’s family is present, one wonders why his ex-wifes, Ivana and Marla Maples are absent.

The politically humorous fake commercial for The Trumps Lego set has achieved over 300,000 views on YouTube.