The Lego Batman Movie Review: Might Just Be The Best Movie About Batman


The Lego Batman Movie review is right of the ‘bat’ as the film approached its release date. Critics and moviegoers enjoyed the funny sequences. Despite focusing on the comedy aspect, the film did not stay away from the original plot line of Batman.

The humorous story line of the story delved into the original Batman story but made it lighter. Batman (Will Arnett) is just the greatest hero ever. He mauls bad men, keeps Gotham City safe and has the coolest gadgets. Additionally, the Lego hero has a seriously buff body with a chiseled nine pack of incredible abs. Everybody ought to simply stand in wonder of the caped crusader.

Writer/director Chris McKay took the Dark Knight on a riotous, wholehearted new experience. He turned the vigilante persona into a completely different perspective. In The Lego Batman Movie, the caped crusader has a backup, a home, pals and a psychopathic adversary. McKay slyly skewered Batman’s values, poking fun on the original version. The humor of the story will have the grownups and kids alike rolling in the aisles.

The Lego Batman Movie Review: Joker Wants to Show His Worth

The Lego Batman Movie began with the usual villainous encounter. Joker (Zach Galifianakis) hijacked a plane filled with explosives. He got all Gotham’s bad guys in tow to finally put an end to the city and his accursed nemesis. The audience know what will happen next. Batman comes in and saves the day with absurd ease. Joker realized that Batman does not care about him. For Batman, Joker is just another sleaze bag to imprison. Dejected and sad, the Joker swears revenge. He wants to show Batman that he truly needs him.

The Lego Batman Movie Review: The Lego Movie Franchise Continues Its Success

Three years after The Lego Movie, Warner Bros./Time Warner Inc. is back in the Lego cartoon universe with this Dark Knight-led spinoff. The Lego Movie was a surprisingly blockbuster hit. The first film received a wave of favorable reviews. The company’s marketing paid off with the movie earning $69 million during its weekend launch. The film earned $257 million in domestic sales and garnered $425 million worldwide on a $60 million budget plan. The Lego Batman Movie followed the success of its predecessor with $69 million weekend debut.

The success of the franchise is the poignant focus into the idea of childhood fond memories and generational toys. The film is a satire of the original Dark Knight and it did not fail to instill humor into the plot. With all the right dose of humor and well-written plot, The Lego Batman Movie is the best version of the caped crusader’s story.

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