The Flash Season 3 Episode 16: Barry Tries to Save Wally

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 16: Barry Tries to Save Wally PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/The Flash |

The Flash season 3 episode 16 will zoom in on Barry Allen’s past. In the episode titled Into the Speed Force, Barry will encounter the ghosts of his past. He will try to save Wally as he struggles to fight the ‘ghosts’ that continues to haunt him.

The extended trailer for the episode revealed the return of Captain Cold, Ronny Raymond, Eddie Thawne, Grodd, a Time Wraith and Jay Garrick. At the end of the teaser, a hand in a black leather suit seemingly held Barry down. Fans theorize that it could either be Zoom or Black Flash.

The reason for all Barry’s trouble in episode 16, originated on Wally’s dilemma in episode 15, The Wrath of Savitar. Wally continued to have visions of Savitar. After having a physical altercation with the self-proclaimed god of speed, Wally discloses his problem to the team. Team Flash questioned Savitar via Julian, who acted as a conduit. Savitar stated that the Philosopher’s Stone is lost to the Speed Force. Caitlin admitted that she kept part of the stone in order to use it to remove her powers. After getting confronted by Savitar, Wally stole the stone fragment from the lab. He threw the fragment into the Speed Force, hoping that this will put Savitar into exile.

The Flash season 3 episode 16: Barry confronts the ghosts of his past

The Speed Force sucked Wally, trapping him within it. In reality, Savitar had been tricking Team Flash. The Philosopher’s Stone would not put him into exile but rather, it will certainly free him. As Wally got sucked into the Speed Force, Savitar escaped his imprisonment.

As Barry tries to save Wally in episode 16, he will have to face his dark past. All of the people he will meet seemed to be a test and a manifestation of the speed force. In the teaser, Jay Garrick will show up to tell Barry, “Not every marathon has a finish line.”

The most intriguing part for the fans would be the owner of the hands wearing a black leather suit. Some fans are confident that it will be Hunter Zolomon or Zoom because Black Flash is too dangerous. Black Flash’s touch is deadly for speedsters. They will disintegrate by just one touch of the Black Flash. The speed force is home to Black Flash so there is a chance that he could show up and threaten Barry. Fans can catch up on all the hype on Tuesday, March 14 at 8 pm EST.

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