The Flash Season 3 Episode 14: The Fight Is Back in Central City

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The Flash Season 3 Episode 14: The Fight Is Back in Central City PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/BagoGames | Under CC BY 2.0

The Flash season 3 episode 14 will see the team going back to Central City. In episode 13, the team went to Gorilla City to aid Earth-2 Harrison Wells. Episode 14, titled Attack on Central City, will bring the fight to Earth-1.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 13: Grodd deceives Team Flash

In episode 13, Attack on Gorilla City, Barry, Caitlin, Cisco, and Julian discovered that H.R. Wells was kidnapped by Grodd. The team wanted to save him and traveled to Gorilla City. The team unknowingly entered the territory, only to be trapped by Grodd.

Jesse goes to Earth-1 to enlist the aid of Barry and his team. She told the team that her father, Earth-2 Harrison, is missing. Earth-2 Harrison was leading an expedition to Gorilla City when his crew was killed. Barry made a recollection that in the future, he saw the Central City getting attacked by gorillas.

Barry discovers Grodd’s lies

Grodd lured Team Flash to Gorilla City in order to deceive them. He lied to Barry that Solovar wanted to invade Earth-1. Grodd told Barry that if he defeats Solovar, he will let them go. Barry won his fight with Solovar. Even though he won against Solovar, he refused to kill the ape. He later discovered that Grodd lied to them. Grodd’s plan was to topple Solovar’s leadership in Gorilla City and gain control of the army in order to conquer Earth-1. He wanted Barry to defeat Solovar so that he will be able to take over Gorilla City’s army.

Grodd needed someone to open a portal to Earth-1, leading to the probability to kill Cisco so that the evil ape cannot open a portal. Caitlin refused the idea of killing Cisco. Barry faked his death, causing Grodd to remove him from his cage. He resuscitated himself and free the others to return to Earth-1. Jesse and Earth-2 Harrison reunite while Julian asked Caitlin out for a date. Meanwhile, Grodd assembled his army. He does not need Cisco to open a portal since he brainwashed Gypsy to open a breach for him.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 14: Team Flash suits to face the invasion of the gorillas

Episode 14 will feature Grodd and his army marching into Earth-1. Fans can expect Barry and Wally, also known as Kid Flash, suiting up to fight the unwanted guests. There will be a gorilla invasion as the intelligent apes will try to invade Central City.

The upcoming episode will be a two-part arc. In order to stop Grodd’s rampage on Earth-1, Barry will need the assistance of Kid Flash, Vibe and Jesse Quick. The heroes will also get help from the police, although the intelligent gorillas will surely outmatch the Joe’s policemen.

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