The Flash Season 3 Episode 13: Grodd Returns, Barry Battles Solovar and More About Gorilla City

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The Flash season 3 episode 13 is titled Attack on Gorilla City. The team will head to Gorilla City in order to save Harrison Wells from a huge gorilla called Grodd. However, things went complicated as the team gets entangled with the chaos in Gorilla City while the others fight with a meta-human who can control gravity.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 12: A Meta-Human Disintegrates People and H.R. Wells Goes Missing

In episode 12, titled Untouchable, a meta-human unleashed hell on Earth-1. Clive Yorkin is a meta-human that has the power to disintegrate anything on contact. Clive enters the scene by disintegrating random people. The bodies who came in contact continued to decompose even after the victims was already deceased.

Barry and Julian started an investigation on the random homicides. Barry realized that the murders have a specific pattern. All murder victims were part of the Central City Police Department in Flashpoint. The victims were all responsible for putting Clive away during that timeline. Clive went after Joe, who was also a part of the Central City Police. The threat on his father’s life prompted Wally, also known as Kid Flash, to train and bring his speed powers to the next level. As Barry was investigating the case, Wally continued to train and become faster than Barry.

Clive went after Iris since she is Joe’s daughter. Wally decided to save his sister but he was not fast enough, which gave Clive the opportunity to be in contact with Iris. As Iris started to disintegrate, Caitlin used her freezing power to stabilize Iris which gave the team some time to find a cure.

The team was able to defeat Clive with Barry and Wally teaming up. Barry saved the passengers of a train while Wally channeled his inner H.R. Wells which told him to run. Wally phased through Clive which left some of his blood inside the villain. The blood worked as an antidote to stop Clive’s abilities.

After the showdown, Jesse Quick arrived through a portal. However, it was not a simple, friendly visit. She’s asking the team’s help to save his father, Earth-2’s Harrison Wells. Jesse stated that her father was taken by Gorilla Grodd and was held at the Gorilla City.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 13 Attack on Gorilla City: Who Is the Real Enemy?

The last scene from episode 12 will flow through episode 13’s Attack on Gorilla City. Barry, Caitlin, Julian and Cisco travel to Earth-2 in order to rescue Wells from Grodd. While the team walks on the forest, Grodd captured them. Grodd tells the group that he needs their help to stop Solovar, the leader of the place, from invading Earth-1.

In the comics, Grodd was the enemy of Barry while Solovar was an ally. Fans will be interested to see how the TV version will play out. Meanwhile, Wally and the others are left on Earth-1 to stop a meta-human who has the ability of controlling gravity from wreaking havoc in Central City.

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