The Detour Season 2 Review: Find Out the Parkers’ Next Adventure

The Detour Season 2 Review: Find Out the Parkers’ Next Adventure PHOTOGRAPH: The Detour Official Twitter Page |

The Detour season 2 is back and definitely full of laughs as the Parker family gets into more trouble. Nate cooks up a plan to get his family to go on a trip and it works. Now the family does not know what is coming for them.

Since the show’s ten episodes last season, audiences loved the outlandish and funny nature of the show. Just when audiences thought that season 1 was already hilarious enough, apparently The Detour season 2 does not compare. According to We Got This Covered, which had the opportunity to view the The Detour season 2 premier ahead of its premier, the first episode was a fitting start for the new season. The Parkers find themselves in park hell after the events of the previous season.

Trickery And Deceit on The Detour Season 2

The family discovers that Nate, played by Jason Jones, put together the entire family road trip to take down a global corporate conspiracy. This conspiracy seems baseless as it is a conspiracy where people will be poisoned by hand sanitizer. The family, obviously furious they were taken advantage of, is on the verge of chaos.

But then, Nate suddenly gets a job offer from a company based in New York. The second season then follows the family’s journey to New York. Their misadventures are just beginning as they tackle on new problems in the Big Apple.

Robin, played by Natalie Zea, is trying to convince Nate not to take the job. A new job is great news, but why is Robin so determined not to dwell in the city. The new season will probably answer her mysterious past, according to Deadline.

Is The Detour Season 2 Worth the Watch?

The jokes, slapstick, and gross-out moments remain the same. Fingers are crossed that the new season delivers a dose of humor. Hopefully, the future episodes get less repetitive. However, this can be easily forgotten given the set-ups and punch lines delivered. The new season may not be as spectacular as season one’s more adventurous times but it does manage to be uncommonly funny even without a depreciating edge. If the writers manage to make their stay in New York just as exciting, then the show may be saved.

Even with its comedy at a slight plateau, the show is still an easy recommendation thanks to its dysfunctional family. It is definitely different from the traditional sitcoms that are still made today. Although season 1 definitely outshines The Detour Season 2 run, actor Jones and Zea will be able to make it work. In any case it is still miles ahead of the rest of the comedies on air.

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