The Dark Tower Movie Summer Release Possibly in Trouble

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The Dark Tower Movie Summer Release Possibly in Trouble PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/The Dark Tower |

The Dark Tower movie had led its fans in a ride after changing its former release date from February to July. The first announcement stated that the film’s release will be on February 17. However, in November 2016, the production announced that it will be pushed forward to July 28. Despite being months away, some fans feel like the summer release of the film is running into some trouble.

The Dark Tower production spotted in L.A. doing some re-shoots

The production moved the release to July 28 in order to fill in the supposed release date for the Jumanji reboot. The concern for the movie started when fans realized that the film’s launch is only a few months away, yet there are no trailers until now.

Four months after the announcement of the July release and the film is still shooting. Fans spotted The Dark Tower production and actor Idris Elba shooting in the Los Angles area. Reports suggested that the film is having some re-shoots. However, other sources claim that the film is having some additional filming. There is no confirmation as to whether the L.A. shoots are additional scenes or re-shoots of recorded scenes. Fans spotted Elba in L.A., jumping straight into the scenes. Fan cameras were out and spotted the actor taking a break and sipping his soft drink.

The movie primarily filmed in South Africa. On March 4, the movie crew filmed at 740 S. Broadway and at S Broadway and W 7th St in Los Angeles. Some fans are concerned with the fact that there is no trailer or teaser for the film. Furthermore, the film is still shooting despite the release date drawing near. There was an unfinished rough cut for the first trailer leaked online on October 10, 2016. Unfortunately, it was taken down from the internet.

The stakes are high and expectations are astounding for The Dark Tower

In October 2016, word spread that the first trailer for The Dark Tower would arrive in time for the Christmas season. At that time, the release date was still in February 2017. Some people were skeptical as to why the production would release the trailer, six weeks before the film’s February release. Presumably, it was a clue that the production is not yet ready for an early release date.

Critics see the February release date as ambitious. The early release would mean that director Nikolaj Arcel and the team has to work long hours with a lot of overtime in order to complete it. The film has a lot of VFX and possible CGI, which will be truly time-consuming. Moreover, the production has to take into consideration the possibility of becoming a franchise if the movie is successful in the box office. The stakes are high with a spin-off TV series along with a lot of fans in every corner of the world. It is understandable why the production wants to create a seamless film and make a huge success out of it.

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