The Blacklist Redemption Premiere: Find Out Why Tom Keen Leaves

The Blacklist Redemption Premiere: Find Out Why Tom Keen Leaves PHOTOGRAPH: Youtube/The Blacklist Redemption |

The Blacklist Redemption premiere episode is raising suspicions, as Tom, played by Ryan Eggold, seems to be very desperate about some more information on his family. In fact, he has to make a very difficult decision for himself. He listens to two different individuals but they do not seem like of much help at all.

When the world is in the hands of the bad guys, sometimes it is a bit unnerving. However, on Blacklist, they are given a second chance to redeem themselves as a mercenary team. While their crimes are all out in the open, there are some secrets that are waiting to be revealed.

A New Twist on The Blacklist Redemption Premiere

The Blacklist Redemption is an upcoming crime thriller that is a spin-off of The Blacklist on NBC. The new promo seems to reveal why Tom Keen leaves. No doubt it has something to do with his mother.

Tom worked as an undercover operative with Scottie Hargrave, Famke Janssen, only to discover that she is actually his mother. The twist does not end there, in the most recent episode of the Blacklist, Tom’s father Howard Hargrave, played by Terry O’Quinn, tells Tom to work with his mother. He was supposed to die in a plane crash that Scottie set up. So it is a bit odd that he would be asking his son to work with the person who planned his murder. This could mean he is getting his son to join in order to get close and get more answers.

There Is Something Fishy Going on The Blacklist Redemption Premiere

Red, played by James Spader, warns Tom to stay away from his mother. This seems to contradict what Howard tells Tom. When Tom asks him the reason why, Red notes that he has a wife, a child and a life. There seems to be no reason at all for him to run back to his mother. However, it seems like Red knows something about Scottie that he does not want Tom to find out.

Red had worked with Tom’s father for a brief time in the past and knows Scottie to be a manipulative person. In fact, her own husband, Howard, trusted her very little. Although there was the attempt to kill him in the past, Howard is back after 30 years of laying low. Red knows that if Tom tries to dig anything out, nothing good will come from it.

The Blacklist Redemption will premiere on February 23, 2017 on NBC in the US. It will also be available in Australia on Channel Seven. The show will air on a regular schedule every Thursday in the United States.

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