The Big Bang Theory Spin-Off Cast: Meet The Young Sheldon

The Big Bang Theory Spin-Off Cast: Meet The Young Sheldon PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Kristin Don Santos | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

The Big Bang Theory spin-off is already starting to cast their stars while the original series is on going. The prequel will be focused on Jim Parsons’ character Sheldon. It does not come as a surprise that he is the one the show will be focused on thanks to his quirky personality and lack of tact.

Prequels are not new to television series. When a television show becomes successful the production sometimes does a spin-off to expand the show’s universe. In this case, it will focus on a young Sheldon’s childhood.

The Big Bang Theory Spin-Off : Sheldon’s Childhood

According to Deadline, the negotiations between CBS and WBTV have been going on for months for the Sheldon project. The reports are that they are very close to giving it a green light but will not be confirming it just yet. This is because they are also finalizing an additional two more seasons for The Big Bang Theory.

Although the details of the Sheldon project are still sketchy right now, they have reportedly casted two key roles already. According to Entertainment Weekly, CBS is already eyeing Big Little Lies star Iain Armitage. The show has not yet been picked up to pilot but the potential comedy will reportedly focus on Sheldon’s formative years.

Thus, his god-fearing mother Mary Cooper will also be included. Actress Zoe Perry was tapped to play the role. This is an interesting turn of events as Perry’s real-life mother Laurie Metcalf played Sheldon’s mother on Big Bang Theory. Metcalf was also nominated for an Emmy for her guest role in 11 episodes on the show.

If the show is a go, Big Bang Theory show runner Steve Molaro will write the pilot script. He will also produce the show along with Parsons, Chuck Lorre, and Bill Prady. Many are hoping this pushes through, as it will definitely receive the same success with the No. 1 comedy prime time series The Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory Season 11: The Future Of The Series

Previously, it was reported that the Big Bang theory season 11 was hanging in the balance. While the rest of the cast was a go, the leads were still negotiating their contract terms. They reportedly wanted a pay raise from their exorbitant $1 million per episode fee.

However, the latest is that the highest paid actors on the show decided on getting a pay cut for season 11 and 12. Around $100,000 will be cut from their pay so supporting cast members Melissa Rauch and Mayum Bialik can get a pay bump. It is safe to say that they’ve agreed to shoot two more seasons with this move. Fans do not have to worry any longer, as Season 11 of Big Bang Theory will arrive in September 2017.


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Source: Deadline, Entertainment Weekly

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