The Bachelor Finale Winner Is Vanessa Grimaldi According To Spoiler Podcast

The Bachelor Finale Winner Is Vanessa Grimaldi According To Spoiler Podcast PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram/VanessaGrimaldi30 |

The Bachelor 2017 will be starting next week and there is so much talk about it already. Taping usually takes place way before airing and the winner on the show is kept a secret. However, there are some people who have pinpointed Vanessa Grimaldi as the winner.

The Bachelor franchise has been around for years and yet there are still many people who enjoy its novelty. The franchise became such a huge success with its bachelors that the producers created the Bachelorette. While there is already a new bachelorette ready for the show, the current bachelor Nick Viall will have to give out his final rose.

The Bachelor Finale Winner Is Vanessa Grimaldi according to a podcast

Days before the finale airs, rumors had been going around that Grimaldi was the one proposed to by Viall. According to a podcast from Reality Steve, the brunette would walk away with the engagement ring.

The Bachelor Finale: Grimaldi Spotted in a wedding shop

What Reality Steve revealed in his podcast coincided with reports that Grimaldi was spotted in a bridal store. The 29 year old reportedly appeared along side Le Chateau’s creative coordinator Holly Wiancko. The bridal shop owner was interviewed regarding this but they denied having any inside information on Vanessa’s status on the show.

According to Daily Mail, Vanessa was actually invited to the shop. She was asked to visit to check out some of the gowns and new designs. While there are a lot of speculations that this was her “wedding gown” the shop noted it was actually for a potential partnership.

The Bachelor Finale: Deal Breaker

There are a lot of viewers that see the great potential in their relationship. The bad news is that if they do get together, they have to decide where to live. Vanessa is Canadian, and Nick is American. Many are speculating that her win might not be final since deciding where to live comes as a major roadblock. In fact, Nick hopes that it would be a non-negotiable when it comes to their possible future relationship.

The competition for Nick Viall started the moment he was kicked off from the Bachelorette season with Jojo Fletcher. He was one of those who weren’t chosen. However, the producers saw his potential to headline the next Bachelor season. Women everywhere fell in love with him and the competition was fierce when the show began.

According to ABC, the Bachelor Finale 2017 episode will take place on March 13, Monday at 8.7c. The Season 21 Finale takes place in Rovaniemi, Northern Finland. Following the dramatic finale, the live After the Final Rose special will air at 10/9c.


Source: Reality Steve,Daily Mail ABC

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