The Bachelor Finale Vanessa Grimaldi Bio, Profile And Facts To Know

The Bachelor Finale Vanessa Grimaldi Bio, Profile And Facts To Know PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram/VanessaGrimaldi30 |

The Bachelor finale is around the corner and fans are already excited for the potential winner. Vanessa Grimaldi is projected winner of the reality show despite the stiff competition with Raven Gates. Both women vying for the heart of Nick Viall have strong fan followings.

The reality show aims to provide entertainment to its viewers. Being able to watch a relationship form on television is definitely entertaining. While there are incessant claims that many of it is scripted, many still tune in to see drama unfold.

The Bachelor Finale: The Canadian Native

On Season 21 of The Bachelor reality show, Vanessa Grimaldi became a fan-favorite right from the get-go. She caught Nick Viall’s eye right away and many have fallen in love with her. The 29-year-old is already speculated to be the winner of the show.

Vanessa is actually a Montreal based-Canadian native. She was actually seen wearing onesie pajamas that showed off her pride for her country. Although she calls Canada home, she is actually 100-percent Italian. In fact, she speaks Italian fluently. She also speaks English and French, as she learned this in school.

Vanessa isn’t a reality star through and through. She is actually a special education teacher who believes that it was her calling. Apart from this she’s appeared in movies as well. She was in Being Human, Blue Mountain State, and Ascension.

The Bachelor Finale: Serious Commitments

Lastly, one thing many people like about her is her directness. She’s always wanted to be a mother and wife, and doesn’t like to play around. She even asked Nick if he wanted someone to marry or just someone to play around with. In fact, she’s a bit of a hopeless romantic. Vanessa even noted a promise ring as the most romantic thing she’s been gifted.

Her appearance on the show was by chance. She joined the show with the help of her friend and hoped that Nick Viall would be the Bachelor. Upon hearing he was casted, she felt that the “stars aligned” and was relieved it was him. She hopes her family thinks so as well, since they’re very important to her and their opinion matters.

In conclusion, fingers are crossed that Vanessa Grimaldi will be the winner. On the other hand, Raven Gates also proves to be a worthy rival. Nick Viall will be making his final decision on The Bachelor Finale on March 13, Monday at 8/7c. The finale will take place in Rovaniemi, Nothern Finland.


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