The Bachelor Finale Raven Gates Ex-Boyfriend, Bio And Facts To Know

The Bachelor Finale Raven Gates Ex-Boyfriend, Bio And Facts To Know PHOTOGRAPH: Instagram/ravennicolegates |

The Bachelor finale has heralded a winner but others have their hopes up that it will be Raven Gates. Raven Gates has a large fan following and will be up against Vanessa Grimaldi for the final rose. However, the latest is that her ex-boyfriend is getting the spotlight.

On a show that is all about romance and love, an ex-boyfriend is the worst thing that could happen. No one ever wants a future relationship to get ruined by the things of the past. Unfortunately, Raven Gates is faced with this problem at the worst time possible.

The Bachelor Finale Raven Gates: Problems With The Ex

According to Daily Mail, the Bachelor Nick Viall was left speechless during a fantasy suite date when he spent time with Raven. The 25-year old revealed that she never “had an orgasm” with her ex boyfriend. She reportedly never even said “I love you” to the man.

Her ex-boyfriend Hunter Henry revealed that the comments she made on the show were false. He noted that the whole orgasm thing wasn’t true. Plus, he also revealed that she told him she loved him multiple times as well.

The Bachelor Finale Raven Gates Life

The Bachelor contestant is a fashion boutique owner from Hoxie, Arkansas. In fact she opened her Grey Suede store with less than $1000 in the bank. Now it has reportedly become on of the most successful business in Northern Arkansas within a year, as noted by Reality TV World.

While she is into fashion and is business savvy, she’s also a bit of a tomboy. Raven loves riding ATVx, shoots guns, watches football, and is a terrible cook. That doesn’t completely erase the fact that she loves receiving things. The most romantic present she received was a diamond necklace and roses. But that was the first time a man did that for her, since she never had a man do it.

For The Bachelor Finale Raven Gates Family Comes First

She does have one brother, Weston, who is a police officer in her hometown. She values family a lot and even gave up pursuing her law degree for family. When her father Wesley was diagnosed with lung cancer, she dropped everything and returned to home to be by his side. Luckily, her father is now cancer-free after treatment.

No one really knows who Nick Viall will be choosing at the last rose ceremony. The Bachelore Finale will air on March 13, Monday at 8/7c. The finale will reportedly take place in the beautiful city of Rovaniemi in Northern Ireland.


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