The ‘Bachelor 2017’ Spoilers: Corinne Olympios Won Nick Viall’s Heart, Spotted Wearing an Engagement Ring

The ‘Bachelor 2017’ Spoilers: Corinne Olympios Won Nick Viall’s Heart, Spotted Wearing an Engagement Ring PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/ ilovebutter |

The Bachelor 2017 spoilers are already buzzing on the Internet as a contestant was spotted with a ring. The show has not been aired yet, but there is already a lot of speculations making the rounds online. Thanks to social media, fans can already anticipate what might happen in the show.

According to ET Online, the Bachelor 2017 “villain” Corinne Olympios was spotted wearing a sparkly ring on her “engagement” finger. This made fans panic as many did not initially like Corinne for Nick Viall. An Instagram post of Claudia Oshry, social media personality, with Corinne started all the talks.

Corinne’s hand rested on Claudia’s shoulder with sparkly ring caught the eyes of Bachelor fans. Many are speculating that she is the winner of the show, while others are dismissing the idea completely. Perhaps she is just trying to get people talk about her or she just happened to put a ring that day.

Still Not A Favorite

Corinne’s post on Instagram may have calmed some fans down. She was not wearing the ring on her engagement finger, but the same ring was seen on her middle finger. While this has put her in the spotlight for a while, it does not leave out the fact that she is one of the most unlikeable contestants. This is mainly due to her NSFW interactions with Nick, among other things.

Lastly, although many want her out, it was revealed that she will be sticking around for a while. Refinery 29 reported that she has already made quite a name for herself, thanks to sleeping on the job and having her own nanny. It did not take long before everyone touted her as the Bachelor 2017 “villain.”

In other news, two women are now out of the running for Nick Viall’s heart. No one expected Brittany, the 26-year old travel nurse, and Christen, the 25-year old wedding videographer, to go home. More drama is set to unfold, as one of the fan favorites, Vanessa, confronted Corinne about what she really wants from the show.

One of us is a Bachelorette contestant and the other has a nanny.

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