The Americans Season 5 Premiere: Paige Groomed For Possible Role In Reagan Resistance

The Americans Season 5 Premiere: Paige Groomed For Possible Role In Reagan Resistance PHOTOGRAPH: The Americans |

The American season 5 is finally back with its first episode airing very soon. The Russians and the Americans in the series are hitting closer to home with the recent events of the world. Now that the series is getting more intense, fans will be sure to get more action and drama before it ends next season.

The show is set in the early 1980s during the Cold War and the two Soviet KGB officers are undercover. Elizabeth, played by Keri Russell, and Philip Jennings, played by Matthew Rhys, are placed in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington D.C. Their children Paige, played by Holly Taylor, and Henry, played by Keidrich Sellati, are with them.

The Americans Season 5 Premiere: Paige is being groomed

The latest trailer for The American season 5 was just released and it looks like there is some new development. Their daughter Paige may possibly get a role in the Reagan resistance, hence Philip and Elizabeth training her. Mother and daughter are seen training in the family garage and treating a sack of flour like a punching bag.

Paige initially resists the idea and complains she gets nightmares for what she saw. This is because Elizabeth murdered a guy in front of her last season. In an attempt to make her stronger, Elizabeth personally trains her to become a trained killer.

Her husband Philip, on the other hand, is not as convinced. He believes that Paige can’t handle it yet. Plus, they have more problems coming as the FBI is tracking them down. The couple must use new disguises to make sure they remain undercover.

The Americans Season 4

Fans are gearing up for more drama given the show would end at its sixth season. During the time the Soviet Union existed, there were many dangers at the time. If not for the more mundane teenage dating, there was corruption, agricultural warfare and threats to the Soviet’s elite class.

The American season 5 returns on Tuesday, March 7 at 10/9c on FX. The cast also includes Brandon J.Dirden, Costa Ronin, and Noah Emmerich as FBI agent Stan Beeman. The fifth season is set to run 13 episodes in 2017. Its first episode will be directed by Chris Long and is called “Amber Waves.” The other titles of the episodes have already been announced beforehand. The sixth season, on the other hand, is set for a 10-episode run in 2018.

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