Terminator Reboot Release Date may Happen in 2019 With James Cameron Playing an Important Role

Terminator Reboot Release Date may Happen in 2019 With James Cameron Playing an Important Role PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Garry Knight |

A Terminator reboot may be in the works now that James Cameron is on board to help.There may be a lot of blockbuster hits now, but some classic films never lost their charm. Some even became iconic in film history that seeing it on the screen again does not come as a surprise.

A New Terminator Film Installment

The Terminator franchise may be getting a fresh reboot in two years. Unlike other franchises, this one seems to be going on a gradual decline with each sequel that gets released. The good news is that James Cameron is on the path to work on a reboot.

2015’s Genisys was a complete flop and fans were losing hope on their favorite film. However, the news of Cameron working on a reboot has reignited hope that it will help the franchise gain traction once again. After all, he was the one responsible for making the first two movies.

A New Director

According to Slash Gear, Cameron is trying to gain the rights for the film and speculations guess it would take place in 2019. He will also reportedly try to get Deadpool director Tim Miller for the project. Though nothing is finalized, there are reports that Miller is already in talks for the reboot, Deadline noted.

Despite its plummeting popularity, the franchise gained phenomenal success with The Terminator in 1984, and Terminator 3: Judgement Day in 1911. The following three movies did not do so well in the box office. However, the television series The Sarah Connor Chronicles, did manage to keep audiences and fans happy. Unfortunately, it only ran for one year. Cameron was only involved in the first two movies.

Fans have their fingers crossed that Cameron and his possible collaboration with Miller will happen. For many, this would be a great merge of the mastermind and a revolutionary new director. After all, Deadpool did boast a unique way of story telling that was full of action and drama.

While many are seeing the reboot film as a sequel to Judgement Day, it is possible that the new film will be entirely different. Changing up the story will bring something fresh to the franchise. Plus, younger audiences will be taken into consideration in making the film. Thus, the more interesting, and less cliché, the better.

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