Teens Reportedly Possessed by Satanic WhatsApp Message

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Teens Reportedly Possessed by Satanic WhatsApp Message PHOTOGRAPH: Arivera/Pixabay | Whatsapp Icon App

An alleged Satanic WhatsApp message had turned two teenager girls mad in Peru. The creepy supernatural message had left the two sisters in state of babbling and whining on the floor. They were taken to the hospital after the incident.

Satanic WhatsApp Message: Teenage Girls Driven Mad

The family members of the two teenagers were extremely scared. Furthermore, they were terrified to find the pair showing insane and incoherent behavior. The father of the two teens recorded the video. It was taken while they were waiting for the ambulance to arrive.

Shockingly, the video showed the two girls in pajamas while making weird high-pitched noises as they were laying down on the floor. According to the doctors, the teenagers were hysterical when they were taken at Hipolito Unanue Hospital hospital in Peru.

According to Express UK, medics reported that the tests conducted on them were inconclusive. However, the pair were approaching a safe recovery. Furthermore, family’s relatives suggested that the girls had been babbling in the occult.

It was the father who found the the girls in the troubling state. He said that his daughters were going through a possession. He stated that the possession took place after they read a ‘Satanic’ chain-mail message.

The daughters were of 13 and 16. After causing chaos and talking incoherently, they were playing with a cell phone. “The mother said that at midnight her daughters were using WhatsApp and when they received a chain with a satanic image,” said a neighbor. “They were transformed with acts of violence and convulsions. When paramedics arrived Samu, the two children were sedated and then transferred to hospital Emergency Unanue.”

Satanic WhatsApp Messages: The Video

There were two clips showing the two teenagers. In the first clip the younger girl was seen jovially playing with her toys on the floor. Right at that moment, a doll, which is in the corner, suddenly moved its head to the side. It was also reported that the youngster stays completely oblivious to what is going on. The doll then moved its head to the other side. Right after that the entire room begins to shake.

There is a second footage which is more horrific, said Mirror UK. The second clip showed that the two teen sisters are grunting. Suddenly, it is seen that they go into spasms, while a prophet exorcises the demons from the girls.

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