Ludhiana: Teen Chops a Minor Boy, Eats the Flesh and Blood

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Ludhiana: Teen Chops a Minor Boy, Eats the Flesh and Blood PHOTOGRAPH: Public Domain Pictures/Pixabay |

A 16-year-old boy violently murdered a minor boy on Tuesday in the industrial city of Ludhiana, India. After the murder, the teenager ate the kid’s flesh. He also drank the blood of the deceased.

Ludhiana: The Murder

The minor, Deepu, was nine years old. His body was chopped into six pieces and stuffed into a sack. The body was discovered at an empty lot in Karnail Singh Nagar of Dugri in Ludhiana.

Vikesh Kumar was arrested on Friday for the cold-blooded murder. The eighth-grader confessed that he killed Deepu, who was also a distant relative and neighbor. The teenager also ate Deepu’s flesh, which he cut from the victim’s thigh and then drank blood, police sources said.

According to New Indian Express, the accused revealed during the interrogation that he had removed Deepu’s heart. He threw the heart in the compound of Holy Heart Senior Secondary School, Mata Nagar, as he wanted to defame it. The accused was studying in the same school.

Police found the victim’s heart in the school compound. He confessed that he lured Deepu with a kite string. He then took the minor to his empty house on January 17 and strangled him.

After the strangulation, Deepu’s body was mutilated into six pieces. The accused washed the pieces in his bathroom and then crammed them in a sack. He dumped the sack a little away from Deepu’s home. He then came back home to cook meal for his father. His mother and elder brother had been away to Chandigarh.

Ludhiana: The Teen Cannibal

Kumar’s parents disclosed that there were times the accused used to bite his own hands and also ate raw meat. Police said that the teenager became a cannibal after watching crime shows on TV. Kumar behaved normally during the interrogation like nothing had happened, Mirror UK said.

“He behaved normally, as if nothing happened.He said he is fond of crime shows based on real-life incidents on television,” a spokesperson said. “He used to tell his parents that sometimes he feels like eating himself. He also had a craving for human flesh.”

Kumar’s family is poor, but he was sent to a private school. However, Kumar roamed the streets and never went to school. Aadesh Punj, vice-principal, said that Kumar was always making trouble. He was expelled from school, as he tried to burglarize a temple recently.

Deepu’s father, Dalip, said that Kumar must be tried in court as an adult. Moreover, if the government cannot give him appropriate punishment, then they must have hand over Kumar to Dalip. Police said that they would be presenting the case in the best possible way and demand for maximum punishment.

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