Susan Fowler Uber Sexual Harassment Expose’: Here’s What We Know

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Susan Fowler Uber Sexual Harassment Expose’: Here’s What We Know PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/TechCrunch |

The Susan Fowler Uber sexual harassment case is blowing up all over the Internet. The claim about abuse went viral as everything was detailed in a public blog written by Fowler. Uber’s CEO now promised that something will be done.

Susan Fowler Uber Sexual Harassment Narrative

Sexual harassment is something women face everyday. While others just brush off the catcalling, the more serious of offenses need action. According to Fowler’s Blog, her team manager sent her a string of messages over company chat. Thing started getting weird when the manager mentioned he was looking for women to have sex with.  It was clear that he wanted her for casual sex. The messages went out of line that she immediately took screen shots of the chat and reported him to HR.

Unfortunately, despite being a prestigious company, the upper management told her he was a “high performer.” This meant he had great performance reviews from his superiors. Plus, they did not feel comfortable about punishing him for what he did specially that he reported it as sexual harassment.  It was the man’s first offense and HR noted it as an “innocent mistake.”

Fowler decided to trust HR’s decision regarding the matter. However, she met more women engineers within the company and she found that they experienced similar things with the same manager. She then realized that HR and management lied about his “first offense.”

Susan Fowler Was Denied Team Transfer Due to Unverified Reasons

Despite having expertise on the project that the team was trying to complete, she chose to leave the team. She did this in order to avoid a negative review. She also wanted to avoid interactions with the man again.

Fowler requested a transfer to the less chaotic engineering organizations. However, she was told her transfer was blocked because of “undocumented performance problems.” This was fishy. Fowler knew she completed and met all the qualifications for transferring. In the end she quit the job she loved at Uber.

With her blog up on the Internet for everyone to see, hopefully Uber does something about it. Not only does the story go against everything the company stands for. It also puts a spotlight on the nasty inner workings of the office politics.

Kalanick Speaks about Susan Fowler Uber Sexual Harassment Claim

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said that he was unaware of the allegations made by Fowler. She was a former site reliability engineer at the company and joined in late 2015. Kalanick noted that this was the first time it came to his attention. He then immediately instructed an investigation. In fact, he instructed new Chief Human Resources Officer Liane Hornsey to head it.

Uber is currently pleading ignorance. The fact Kalanick addressed the issue means there is some truth to it. The story was also passed around on Twitter and even reached Uber investor Chris Sacca and Uber board member Arianna Huffington. Both have tweeted their frustration and Huffington plans to assist the investigation.

To read full blog from Susan Fowler click here.


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