Survivor Game Changers Premiere: Here’s What To Expect

Survivor Game Changers Premiere: Here’s What To Expect PHOTOGRAPH: Survivor Game Changers |

Survivor Game Changers is a new show that will be bringing back some familiar faces. The survival reality game show has been around for years and has placed people on deserted islands all over the world. This time around, they are doing it again, but with an entirely new twist.

The thought of getting abandoned on a deserted island is unnerving. However, throw in a million dollar prize money and many are willing to get on the show. With over 30 seasons in record, the latest installment is the 34th in the reality television franchise.

Survivor Game Changers Premiere: Casting The Players

The show’s host Jeff Probst shared the difficulties of casting the show. According to Entertainment Weekly, Probst and the other producers had to choose from over 450 past contestants. After going through the potential candidates, there were only 20 players chosen to return to the reality show.

The Survivor Game Changers casting took more than just popularity with the audience, Probst noted that they really wanted diversity in gameplay. Many of the players were of similar archetypes but the way they play is the deciding factor. For example Malcom and Ozzy played similar games but Malcolm does not always win the physical games but Ozzy does. Malcom’s strength lies in his ability to strategize. This makes both of them perfect fits for the show.

Survivor Game Changers Premiere: Something Old Made New

In other news, there are some changes in the way things work at the Tribal council. Usually ties are solved by doing revotes, but that will not be happening this time around. According to Parade, if a tie takes place there will be no revote. Instead, people will have to openly discuss among themselves and decide on who to cast out. If by any chance no decision has been made, everyone must draw rocks.

This new way of voting was made with the though of “surviving” in mind. Probst made it clear that this time around there is no more leniency and nothing in the game should come free. Every move must cost something, so the castaways have to be very smart when making a decision.

Survivor Game Changers Premiere: Immunity Idols

There is a new immunity idol and it was just revealed to the public. Every season gets a new idol to represent wherever the show is taking place. There is no news yet on what the immunity necklace looks like, but the idol is definitely not hard to miss. It is an old fashioned scuba helmet and looks like it is designed after the US Navy’s Mark V helmet. It is definitely a far cry from the usual wooden idols.

Survivor Game Changers will have a big 2-hour premiere event to mark its 500th episode since it started. The show is set in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. It will air every Wednesday night at 8/7c.

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Source: Parade, Entertainment Weekly

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