Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10 Plot, Episode 9 Recap and Things to Know

Supernatural Season 12 Episode 10 Plot, Episode 9 Recap and Things to Know PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Genevive |

Supernatural is back for its midseason premiere called First Blood. Fans are thrilled to find out what will happen to Sam and Dean and if they will be able to escape. In the past episodes, the Winchester brothers never failed to impress audiences. So, there is no doubt that episode 10 will be exciting to watch.

Who Will Be Saved

According to Den Of Geek, Supernatural Episode 10 has more exciting events that will take place. The title of the episode is Lily Sunder Has Some Regrets. It will feature Lily Sunder, played by Alicia Witt. Lily has been honing her black magic powers for over a century. She did this in order to exact revenge on a band of angels who murdered her family. Now Sam, played by Jared Padalecki, and Dean, played by Jensen Ackles, have to move quickly to prevent Castiel from being Lily’s next victim.

The synopsis of the following episode is good new for worrying fans. This means that the “deaths” of the Winchester brothers may perhaps become means for them to get out of prison. It makes sense that they would “kill themselves” so that their identities as FBI’s Most Wanted would get out of the way.

In this case, Crowley was right not to worry about the boys. The upcoming Supernatural Season 12 episode 10 will be aired on February 2, 2017. The next Supernatural episodes already have titles. Episode 11 is titled Regarding Dean and Episode 12 is titled Stuck In the Middle (With You).

Episode 9 Recap

In Episode 9, Mary Winchester, played by Samantha Smith, was on her own to find herself. When she returns, she finds out about her sons and the serious trouble that they land themselves in. Although they have battled with the supernatural before, this time around the two landed themselves on FBI’s Most Wanted in 2011. After all, they did try to kill the President of the United States.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the boys are believed to be part of a bigger group and are left in jail to be broken into. In order to get the boys to talk, the brothers are placed in separate solitary confinement cells. Not even Castiel, played by Misha Collins, who left the two in the first place, knows how to get them out. Crowley is not even the least bit worried about them. Mary, on the other hand, tries to keep herself busy by going back hunting. And also helping Castiel with jobs he cannot do himself.

To the surprise of fans, something big happened at the end. Sam and Dean were left in solitary confinement for six weeks, two days, and ten hours and are found dead one day. A guard, who delivered their lunch, found them.

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