Supergirl Season 2 Episode 11 Spoilers: Mystery Villain Is Coming

Supergirl Season 2 Episode 11 Spoilers: Mystery Villain Is Coming PHOTOGRAPH: Supergirl Official facebook Account |

Supergirl season 2 Episode 11 marks the reveal of a new super villain. Superheroes are the first shield against anything that threatens life on Earth provided they are found right away. Despite defeating a number of foes, there are always more bad guys trying to take over the world.

A New Villain on Supergirl Season 2 Episode 11

There could be another mystery villain making its way on the show. The series may be getting Kevin Sorbo to star as one of Supergirl’s enemies. He is known for portraying Hercules many years ago, and show runners are convinced he is the perfect fit.

According to Variety, Sorbo has a lot of credentials that make him the perfect choice. He used to play High Guard Captain Dylan hunt in the sci-fi series Andromeda, which run for five seasons. Apart from the numerous Hercules seasons, he also played Kull in Kull the Conqueror and recurred as Hercules in the Xena: Warrior Princess series.

While he may be confirmed as the shows new addition, there are no details on what kind of antagonist he will be playing. When he does join he wll join the ranks of show villains alien Draaga and Cuber Superman. He will also be joining other 90’s stars such as Dean Cain, Calista Flockhart and Teri Hatcher.

Saving The Martian on Supergirl Season 2

The latest episode is titled “The Martian Chronicles.” It looks like this isn’t the end of their battle against the White Martians. Super Girl, played by Melissa Benoist, and Hank, played by David Harewood, are on a mission. They have to keep Miss Martian/M’gann, played by Sharol Leal, safe.

In a previous episode, a psychic attack put M’gann in a coma. However, the team decides to bring her to DEO to save her from being taken back to Mars from facing her punishment as a traitor. She had committed treason after trying to free the peaceful race of Green Martians from the White Martians’ concentration camps. She could not stand the slaughter due to her sense of honor and justice.

Who To Trust on Supergirl Season 2?

While the plan initially works out, according to Comic Book, one of the White Martians shape-shift into M’gann and is now inside their “sanctuary.” Although the team knows where the White Martian Armek is, the problem is more confusing. He was able to shape shift into M’gann, which means he can shape shift as anyone else inside the DEO. This causes some issues because he can be disguised as anyone of them.

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