Super Bowl Tickets Last-minute Bargain Deal: Here’s What We Know

Super Bowl Tickets Last-minute Bargain Deal: Here’s What We Know PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Sabateur | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Buying Super Bowl tickets at the last-minute has always been a proven strategy for those who want to score cheaper tickets. However, for Super Bowl LI, this will no longer be the case. Market analysts are seeing a reversal in the trend this time around.

Bad News: There will no longer be Super Bowl ticket last-minute bargains

The law of supply and demand has taken a toll to this year’s Super Bowl, according to a report from CNBC. Simply put, there is a remarkably low demand for tickets in the leads up to Super Bowl LI. In the past, many fans had already bought their tickets weeks before the Super Bowl even if the tickets were pricey around that period. This, however, is not the case this year.

CNBC noted fans’ fatigue about the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcon’s “relatively small fan base.” Under the circumstances, ticket movement is relatively sluggish ahead of the Super Bowl LI. As a result, ticket vendors are expected to raise their prices during the last-minute when people are expected to cram to buy tickets and the demand will get higher.

True enough, a report from Forbes noted that Super Bowl ticket price is increasing three short days before the event on February 5. A data from TicketIQ showed that ticket prices are not declining but are actually reflecting an upward and pricier trend. A weekly comparison is available here.

Super Bowl Ticket Prices

Those who prepared way ahead of time may already have a budget that will accommodate any ticket price of their choosing. Those who decided to watch a game on a whim unfortunately have fewer options. Nevertheless, seat location remains the strongest factor for how much one would pay for his or her ticket. The best seats to purchase are those in sections 308/310 or 337/338.

Club Level premium seats cost around $9000 per ticket. While the price is pretty steep, audience are situated on the 50-yard line and get a perfect view of the whole field, as noted by StubHub.

The next best seat in the house is just under five grand. Sections 304,315, 332, and 343 cost slightly less and are Club Corner seats. While it is not smack in the middle of the field, the angle still allows audiences to view the field as a whole.

Then there are the value seats that cost around $3000 and cover sections 604, 612, 630, and 638. These are situated on the Upper Level Sidelines. Although this may be a bit farther, audience will be able to see the whole court and all the players on the field.

The cheapest, and almost sold out, tickets are those on the Upper Endzone seat. They are very far away, but audiences will still be able to see their teams and see the game live. These cost $2700 per ticket.

Super Bowl Ticket Patrons

According to CBS Sports, there are a lot of people from Houston buying tickets. About 45-percent of the ticket buyers are from Houston where as New England cover 16-precent. The smallest percentage is at 9-percent and comes from Atlanta. Those who come from other cities make up for the remaining 30-percent of all ticket buyers

There are a lot of places to buy tickets online. Stub Hub is one of the best places to buy, and there are other sites like Ticket Liquidator and Vivid Seats. Interested buyers should compare prices and seats before decided to purchase some seats.


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