Super Bowl 51 Commercials: Furious 7, Jurrasic World, Pitch Perfect 2 Among the All-Time Best SB Movie Trailers

Super Bowl 51 Commercials: Furious 7, Jurrasic World, Pitch Perfect 2 Among the All-Time Best SB Movie Trailers PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/BagoGames | Under CC BY 2.0

Football fans are excited to watch the Super Bowl 51 on Sunday, but others are looking forward for the SB51 commercials. Super Bowl commercials have always captured the attention of the public due to the advertisers’ creativity. Aside from products and services, producers usually releases trailers during the event. In anticipation of the event, fans have selected some of the best movie trailers shown in the past.

Super Bowl 51 Commercials Continue to Capture Fans’ Interest

Cinemablend reported that the best movie trailers were chosen by fans. The ratings came from Hulu’s voting system. Fans were able to choose the best movie trailers that were shown on a Super Bowl Sunday. Here are the top three movie trailers of all time:

Jurassic World Trailer

Fans knew that the previous Jurassic Park dealt with the original park. Jurassic World entered a world were the park was open to the public. The animal trainers even trained the Velociraptors. Screen Crush mentioned that the park produced hybrid dinosaurs to marvel the tourists.

In the Super Bowl commercial, the trailer opened with a woman introducing a ‘shy’ dinosaur while a shark was hanging mid-air. The creature leaped out of the water to catch the shark, which revealed the huge and terrifying monster lurking in the waters. The trailer highlighted the movie’s best parts without revealing too much. Accompanied with a high-octane and heart-pumping music, it is not a surprise why fans chose the preview as one of the best trailers released on Super Bowl Sunday.

Pitch Perfect 2 Trailer

The film’s trailer captured the hearts of Super Bowl fans when the production released the trailer during the game. The trailer appealed to sports fans after the preview clip included one of the top four NFL teams. The trailer included Clay Matthews and TJ Lang of the Green Bay Packers. Matthews and Lang’s appearance made the trailer significant to the NFL event. Pitch Perfect 2’s commercial is similar to its first trailer but with significant tensions for the main characters.

Fast & Furious 7 Trailer

The Furious 7 trailer rocked the explosion-heavy and tagline-intensive Super Bowl commercial spot. The trailer showed Vin Diesel holding a large gun. The rest of the crew showed their physical and action-movie prowess. They also featured Jason Statham as a ruthless villain. More importantly, the scenes of the late Paul Walker caught the hearts of the fans, which made it one of the most memorable trailers in a Super Bowl ever.

Super Bowl 51 Schedule

Fans are now looking forward for the Super Bowl 51 commercials, most importantly, the movie trailers. There is no confirmation on the line up of the Super Bowl movie trailers. The wait will be over on Sunday, when the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons collide for the title starting 6:30 p.m. ET.

Jurassic World Official Super Bowl Spot

Pitch Perfect 2 Official Super Bowl Spot

Furious 7 Official Super Bowl Spot

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