Suits Season 7 Plot, Storyline, Possible Release Date And things We Know So Far

Suits Season 7 Plot, Storyline, Possible Release Date And things We Know So Far PHOTOGRAPH: Suits Official Facebook Page |

Fans are already clamoring for a Suits season 7 now that the sixth season is almost over. There is some good news on the show as Mike finally gets what he wanted. Now the question is, how will the finale set up the upcoming seventh season?

Television shows that have multiple seasons under its belt have a lot of character development. Unlike other shows, that prefer to kill off characters when they’ve developed, Suits has other ways of doing this. Mike Ross, played by Patrick J. Adams, finally passes the bar in the Wednesday Finale of Suits.

Suits Season 6 Finale

This is a big feat for Mike as he was able to do it without going to law school. Of course, he had help from Jessica, played by Gina Torres. However, that doesn’t eliminate the threat in Anita Gibbs, played by Leslie Hope. Anita doesn’t like the idea and would never vote Mike in.

Anita managed to get on the committee because Walter Sampson had to take a leave of absence. His replacement was Anita and the chances of Mike passing the bar would be slim at this point. However, Jessica, played by Gina Torres, entered as a character witness for Mike, and technically blackmails Anita into giving her vote.

Suits Season 6 Finale: A Secret For Blackmail

Apparently, Anita once showed mercy for a young woman who illegally obtained prescription drugs for chronic pain. The woman did this in order to stay in med school. Feeling pity for her, Anita dropped the felony charge to a misdemeanor and that young woman is now a doctor. Looking deeper into Anita’s secret, the woman was actually a young man. He was Walter Sampson’s godson.

Suits Season 7 Plot, Storyline, Possible Release Date

Showrunner Aaron Korsh shared on how the production would be tackling the next step. He noted that their midseason finales are usually cliffhangers to keep audiences around for the next half of the season. The season finales on the other hand, are the ones that set up the upcoming seasons.

Korsh further adds that the dream team will be back for the next season and will cover a new story arc. Now that the arc of Mike Ross being a fraud has closed, the series has to take a different direction. One this for sure is that Jessica won’t be sticking around, so the production may add a new character or two to fill in the void.

The release date for season 7 hasn’t been announced yet. This is probably because the production is still on going and it won’t be out for another few months. However, it seems highly likely that the next Suits season will be out later this year.


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