Suits Season 6 Episode 14: Find Out if Harvey and Mike Will Work Together Again


Suits season 6 episode 14 will see Mike (Patrick J. Adams) and Harvey (Gabriel Macht) gearing up for a legal battle. Harvey wants to have Mike back in the law firm. Read on and find out more about the interesting team-ups that will happen in the next episode.

In episode 13, Harvey approached Mike and told him about a ‘sweet deal’ with an ethics board member. Harvey said that this will help Mike to be a legitimate lawyer. Mike initially declined but was pushed to partner with Harvey. The latter negotiated to get Mike a hearing with the ethics committee. However, this move might do more harm than good because it may lead Mike back to jail.

Suits Season 6 Episode 14 spoilers: Mike and Harvey partner up for a class action suit

The upcoming Suits season 6 episode 14 is titled Admission of Guilt. Fans will get to see Harvey and Mike’s collaboration on a case. According to the official synopsis, Harvey and Mike need to be very careful not to annoy people or groups when they collaborate for a class action. Meanwhile, Louis (Rick Hoffman) requires Rachel’s (Meghan Markle) assistance to impress a client. While the others struggle with their issues, Donna (Sarah Rafferty) and Benjamin (David Reale) fine-tune their product.

It is great to have the duo helping out each other, specifically now that Harvey is aiding Mike to have a hearing with the bar’s ethics committee. However, as seen in the episode preview, the partners might be acting upon the issue prematurely and this is causing Rachel to feel afraid about Mike going back to prison once again. It is  after all possible for Mike to go back to jail considering the circumstances. Anita Gibbs (Leslie Hope) threatened to come after him if he ever aims to practice law again. With many adversaries, Mike will have to be cautious with his career plans.

Suits Season 6 Episode 14: Harvey and Rachel’ different views on Mike’s career path

A preview for Suits season 6 episode 14 showed Harvey and Mike talking about their class action suit. Harvey seems pretty positive at the opportunity. Unfortunately, his self-confidence will dwindle after hearing that some people are against his strategy. The promo revealed Harvey’s conversation with an unethical lawyer.

Harvey told the lawyer that he will make Mike’s hearing official. On the other hand, Rachel does not want Mike to return to the law firm under false pretense. She wants Harvey to understand her viewpoint. Rachel is wary with her fiancee due to the time he spent in prison for practicing law without a degree. Furthermore, the couple wanted to go through their wedding which was implied last episode.

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