Suits Season 6 Episode 13 Plot: Find Out How Rachel Can Get in to the Bar


The upcoming episode of Suits will unravel some brewing conflict within the Pearson Specter Litt. Someone is targeting Rachel (Meghan Markle) in the upcoming Suits season 6 episode 13. Rachel discovered that someone is preventing her from getting into the bar in the episode entitled Teeth, Nose, Teeth. Harvey (Gabriel Macht) will offer help to Mike (Patrick J. Adams) about entering the bar.

The episode summary suggested that Harvey will attempt to have Mike back in the law firm. Rachel received a letter that will cause a problem for Harvey and Louis (Rick Hoffman). At the same time, Mike’s education to Oliver (Jordan Johnson-Hinds) and Marissa (Athena Karkanis) will be tested. In the meantime, Donna (Sarah Raferty) will get a surprise from the IT department.

As seen in the episode’s preview, Louis will bring the letter from Rachel to Harvey. The latter concluded that Rachel was targeted because Mike got out of prison early. This event might urge Rachel to turn down Louis’ offer to become a Spencer Litt partner.

In an interview with TV Guide, executive producer Aaron Korsh discussed that Rachel will deal with Katrina (Amanda Schull). Rachel will strive to prove herself as a capable lawyer. Korsh added that Harvey (Gabriel Macht) has a way to lead Mike (Patrick J. Adams) into the bar.

However, it appears that the Mike is not interested with the offer if it involves breaking the law again. Nonetheless, Mike might change his mind after learning that Rachel can get into the bar as well if he decides to accept the offer. Korsh did not specify how Rachel will get into the bar, but it seems like Harvey has a plan.

In the trailer for Suits season 6 episode 13, Harvey was shown paying a visit to Mike at Eastside Legal Clinic. Harvey was dumbfounded when Mike refused to accept his offer. In reality, Mike is simply cautious of not getting into prison again. In the season 5 finale, Mike was imprisoned after practicing law without degree for the past five years. It would be reasonable for him to stay away from dubious practices to avoid getting entangled with the law once again.

Suits season 6 episode 12 recap

In episode 12, Mike got a task due to his experience and knowledge. Mike’s new employer is aware that he went to prison. However, he did not tell the rest of the personnel about it. Mike wants to continue fixing his life, but the upcoming episode might jeopardize his plans.

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