Student Invention Can Protect Students from Horrific Shootings

Student Invention Can Protect Students from Horrific Shootings PHOTOGRAPH: Wokandapiz/Pixabay under Creative Commons |

Justin Rivard, a senior high school student from Somerset High School in Wisconsin, invented a tool that can protect students and save lives during a school shooting. He called it the “JustinKase” and schools from all over the state have started ordering it.

Prior to his invention, the graduating student kept thinking of a legacy that he can leave his school. Now, he can beam wider and find content. “My impact is in every room,” Rivard said.

JustinKase is made out of steel plates and connecting rods. Once it latched to the door’s jam, the door will remain locked and will not be opened, not even a crack, This feature guarantees that teachers, students, and school staff will be safe inside a room during a shooting incident. They can buy time to ask help or wait until police came. It is currently being sold for $95.

The device was first tested at the Somerset High School where linemen from the high school football team tried to open a door locked with JustinKase. They failed miserably.

Hence, Rivard’s first client for his invention was his very own school which ordered 50 of his devices. He has also delivered 54 devices to the Grantsburg School District in Wisconsin. The school ordered 40 more devices as of this writing.

The product’s website highlighted that the motivation behind inventing the JustinKase device is to prevent another Sandy Hook and Florida shooting. A shop teacher from the Somerset High School challenged his students to come up with invention that will increase school safety and will safeguard many lives. Rivard rose to the occasion.

“He’s the special combination of motivation and brains and has a motor that just keeps going,” Somerset High School technology and engineering teacher Eric Olson told USA Today.

Riward is now awaiting approval for his patent application. After graduation in spring, he will leave the business to his dad as he begins serving in the Army.

Meanwhile, an aunt from Connecticut shared another tip that will help protect kids in case of school shooting. Katie Cornelis wrote on Facebook that she gave her nieces rubber door stop to keep in their school bags. She did this after the Sandy Hook shooting and posted about it again in the wakes of the Florida school shooting. Her post has been shared more than 1.3 million times already.