Stranger Things Season 2 Plot: Iconic Characters to Go on Different Arcs and Journeys

Stranger Things Season 2 Plot: Iconic Characters to Go on Different Arcs and Journeys PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Gage Skidmore | Under CC BY-SA 2.0

Developments about Stranger Things Season 2 are all fans want to know about after the phenomenal success of the first season. The latest news is that the characters will be getting their own story arcs. Though there isn’t a lot of information about the second season yet, actor David Harbour spilled some clues.

Clues on Stranger Things Season 2

For the first time since the Stranger Things Season 1 ended, there are some details about the upcoming sequel. According to Vanity Fair, actor David Harbour, who plays Chief Hopper, gave clues on what could happen in season two. It is not a lot of details, but for fans, it is worth their time.

He shared that the opening scene was a lot to take in and the first five minutes alone brought him to his feet. He revealed the way the first episode opened up was new and would definitely please hardcore fans. The actor also mentioned that the characters get their own story arcs and go on different journeys. Stranger Things Season 2 will expand on them and their psychologies, along with the sci-fi aspect of the series.

A Growing Universe on Screen

Previously the show’s co-creator Matt Duffer shared how much he wanted Stranger Things to be patterned to Harry Potter. According to Empire Online, he wanted the audience to get attached to the kids and their camaraderie. At the same time, audiences get to watch them grow and develop as the show progresses.

This could only mean that Duffer and his team do not plan to stop any time soon. In fact, he even mentioned that there are now more doors open to a more intricate story. After Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, opened the door to one dimension, the possibilities for another dimension are endless. “We’re not really boxed in,” he said.

In other news, The Stranger Things cast won the Best Ensemble plum at the Screen Actors Guild award. While the cast celebrated their win on stage, it was the passionate acceptance speech that caught the attention of many. Harbour rallied a cry for artists passionate about their craft and spoke up for anyone who has ever felt ostracized from society. He noted that he came up with this speech because he was really proud of the show, the cast, and how much people love it.

In any case, their win is already building up expectations from the fans. Many are hoping that Eleven returns to her friends. Others are curious about the fate of the Demogorgon. There is no official Stranger Things Season 2 release date as of press time.

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