Steve James Bio: Know More About Justin Bieber’s 18-Year-Old Producer

Steve James Bio: Know More About Justin Bieber’s 18-Year-Old Producer PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Joe Bielawa |

Justin Bieber’s album producer, Steve James, became the youngest nominee for the recently concluded Grammy Awards 2017. Purpose, which he produced, was nominated for the Album of the Year. It competed against Beyonce’s Lemonade and Adele’s 25. Read on and find out more about this boy who showed so much passion with music even with his young age.

Those who have followed the Purpose singer will know he started when he was 12 and gained popularity through YouTube. His videos were found by people randomly at the time. From then on, he pursued stardom even at a young age. The story of James, also known as Stephen Philibin, is very similar.

Steve James Is a Self-Taught Producer

According to Metro, the Pittsburgh native started mixing tracks by using instrumentals and mixing in vocals. He is more of a self taught artist than anything else and was able to experiment on his laptop. After seeing an Avicii concert, plus getting his brother’s laptop, he started researching and working on tracks by himself. In fact, just like Bieber, he started his career on the Internet on Soundcloud. He gained attention for his ZHU “Faded” remix, which became the top 2014 remix on Sirius XM’s BPM Station. He then proceeded to getting more connections on the website as many people saw his potential.

Steve James Is Living The Dream

Years later he moved to LA, learned from other artists and eventually produced great tracks for himself and other artists. Those who loved Bieber’s title track Purpose will be surprised to find out that he also wrote it. James worked with producer and songwriter Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd for the song. He was initially just brought on to work on the new record, but was the one who ended up producing the title track.

According to Billboard, 18-year-old James was able to come up with the chord progressions for Purpose in five seconds. While his managers Jay Cao and Brett Bassock got his foot in the door, his talent was the biggest factor that brought him success. Now, this young up and coming artist is prepping for his first single and will have his own solo project.

James considers himself a “bedroom producer” since his self-taught process entails him to stay at home and work in his bedroom. However, internet research can only do so much. In fact, he personally believes that getting trained by renowned producers worked much better for him.


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