Stephen Hawkings Warns Technology Could Destroy Human Race

Stephen Hawkings Warns Technology Could Destroy Human Race PHOTOGRAPH: Wikimedia Commons/Doug Wheller | Under CC BY 2.0

United Kingdom’s renowned physicist, Professor Stephen Hawkings warned the world on how technology can destroy the human race. Hawkings spoke about the dangers of technology. He believes that humanity must find a way to identify threats quickly before technology become an abysmal threat to humanity’s existence.

Stephen Hawkings sees that the one-world government as a solution to the threat of technology

Hawkings warned that humans must control technology in order to safeguard humanity. The physicist had always spoken about the dangers of artificial intelligence in the past. He stated that a ‘world government’ can be humanity’s only hope. Hawkings believes that only ‘logic and reason’ can defeat the increasing threat of nuclear or biological war.

Hawkings stated that ever since civilization began, aggression has been useful with definite survival advantages. He stated, “It is hard-wired into our genes by Darwinian evolution.” Hawkings suggested that ‘some form of world government’ could be ideal for controlling the threat of technology. Unfortunately, Hawkings stated that a ‘one world government’ will have its repercussions. A one-world government can establish a tyranny if it falls into the wrong hands.

Hawkings said, “All this may sound a bit doom-laden but I am an optimist. I think the human race will rise to meet these challenges.” The Cambridge University physics professor made a statement about the threats facing the planet. He named overpopulation, climate change and diseases as some of the threats. The world has developed technology that could destroy Earth. Moreover, the professor sees it fit that humanity must re-train for a new world where robots are replacing everyday jobs.

Environmental challenges, climate change, overpopulation, food production, the decimation of other species, acidification of oceans and epidemic diseases are a cause for concern. Hawkings warns that the ‘human species’ must work together to face the threats to humans.

Hawkings sees AI as a threat to humans’ existence

This is not the first time that the professor made strong statements about technology. In 2014, Hawkings stated that the development of a full artificial intelligence could be the end of human race. His statement came as a response to a question about revamping the technology he is using, which has a basic for of AI in it.

The professor stated that the primitive forms of AI proved to be very useful. However, he fears the consequences of developing something that can match or even surpass humans. He believes that technology will ‘take off on its own’ and ‘re-design itself’ at an increasing rate. He compared the fast evolution of technology to the slow biological evolution of the human. Hence, humans can not compete with technology.

Elon Musk shares the sentiments of Stephen Hawkings

Meanwhile, Tesla founder Elon Musk stated that humans need to digitally enhance their brains. In this way, humans will remain relevant in a future filled with AIs. Additionally, computers communicate at a trillion bits per second. On the contrary, humans are limited to only 10 bits per second. Seemingly, the great minds of the current generation see that the future can be overrun by technology.

Source: The Times

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