Star Wars VIII Latest Plot Leak: Finn Ends up in a Mystery Ship, Snoke’s Planet Revealed

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Star Wars VIII Latest Plot Leak: Finn Ends up in a Mystery Ship, Snoke’s Planet Revealed PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay/Patrice_Audet | Under CC0 1.0

Warning: Spoilers ahead The latest Star Wars VIII latest plot leak, involved Finn, aboard a ship and a possible hint on Snoke’s planet. The Super Star Destroyers were the rebels’ prime targets. However, the First Order seemed to have not learned from the mistakes of its predecessor.

Star Wars VIII Latest Plot Leak: Finn boards a mysterious ship in an undercover mission

In the Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Finn will go on a secret mission to take one ship down for good according to Making Star Wars. According to the website, Finn’s mission will be on the First Order Super Star Destroyer. The supposed leak claimed that Finn will go undercover in a First Order officer’s uniform.

Making Star Wars said that Finn and actress Kelly Marie Tran’s unknown character will plant explosives on a ship, which could possibly be the Super Star Destroyer. The aforementioned ship’s description was a gigantic huge wedge, solid and dark. Speculations suggested that it could be the First Order’s main command ship in the film. The Empire’s Destroyers seemed to be more substantial but the First Order ships have thinner, sleeker and darker ships. This would mean that the description mentioned above would fit the look of some First Order ships.

There are no details on how Finn will manage to board the Destroyer. In The Force Awakens, Finn was severely injured. There are theories claiming that Finn could have dipped into the bacta tank which healed him and helped him to execute the mission. As in the case of all plot leaks, fans should take this news with a grain of salt. However, if previous leaks from the Making Star Wars are anything to draw conclusions from, the site had come up with correct theories and speculations in the past. Nonetheless, fans could only wait until Star Wars VIII hit cinemas in December this year.

Star Wars VIII Latest Plot Leak: Snoke’s planet looks a lot like Mars

Aside from Finn’s undercover mission, another leak hinted on Snoke’s origin planet. The planet looked a lot like Mars, with a red-colored soil. Snow covered the ground which resulted into a white-red color contrast. The leak claimed that the planet appeared to be occupied by the First Order in The Last Jedi.

The interior look resembled the Star Killer base. It seemed like the Death Star architecture blended into the natural rock and other environmental outlooks of the planet. The planet will have great importance to the plot of Star Wars Episode VIII.

Fans speculated that the planet is the home of Supreme Leader Snoke. There is a possibility that fans will get to see the new planet when General Hux, Captain Phasma or Kylo Ren will report their failure. Additionally, a ‘Snowtrooper General’ was said to be spotted on the particular set.

A full discussion of the leak involving Snoke’s planet is found in the YouTube video below. For the complete leak discussion about Finn and the mystery ship head to Making Star Wars website.

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