‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ Plot, Possible Title, Character Journey and What we Know so Far

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‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ Plot, Possible Title, Character Journey and What we Know so Far PS-Hoth Set from Gordon Tarpley/ Flickr with CC BY 2.0

Fans cannot hold back themselves from wanting some spoilers from ‘Star Wars Episode VIII.’ Since the production started filming, avid fans latched on to every information they could get. The film started filming in February 2016. Since then, the internet was fraught with various rumors and plot leaks.

‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ Working Title

Film director Rian Johnson had dropped major hints about the upcoming movie. One of the things asked was the title for the film. According to USA Today, Johnson stated that the title for ‘Episode 8’ was in the first draft he wrote. Unfortunately, Johnson did not spilled the title for the film. Johnson joked about wanting to blurt out the title but countered saying “All in good time.”

Carrie Fisher, the actress playing Leia, dished out the working title for the film in February. She revealed that the working title for ‘Episode 8’ was ‘Space Bear’ although it was not final. Sadly, the actress died due to a heart attack in December 2016.

‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ holds some great revelations

As for the film’s plot, Johnson confirmed that the film will pick right after the events of the previous film. There will be no time-skip from the ‘The Force Awakens’ to the events in ‘Episode 8.’ Johnson said that he wanted see the next moment that happened after the first movie ended.

He also revealed that there will be a huge character journey in ‘Episode 8.’ Johnson said that Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) and Rey’s (Daisy Ridley) relationship will be an integral part of ‘Episode 8. The movie will also clarify why Luke is on the planet Ahch-to, as well as clarifying his motives.

Rey will also undergo a character journey. Whatever she will be dealing with in ‘Episode 8’ will lead to the realization of her power and gift. ‘Episode 8’ will show Rey’s acceptance of what’s inside her and acknowledge its potential. There are rumors that Luke could be Rey’s father but this was not confirmed by the director.

Aside from the character journey, there will be an added central plot point to the story.  Making Star Wars also indicated that Luke’s planet will possibly be a home to some avian creatures call the convorees. These bird-like creatures could possibly connect ‘Episode 8’ to the animated series titled ‘Star Wars Rebels’ and ‘The Clone Wars’. The inclusion of the convorees to the story was neither confirmed nor clarified by Johnson. ‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ is set to be released on December 15, 2017.

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