Star Wars Episode 8 Theory: There Are Many Last Jedi

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A new Star Wars Episode 8 theory revealed that there will be more than one last Jedi. A foreign title for the Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi is in plural form. This led for the realization that there can be more than one last Jedi.

Star Wars Episode 8 Theory Confirmed: There will be a lot of last Jedi

When the official subtitle of Star Wars: Episode 8 was released, fans debated on the meaning of The Last Jedi. Fans were divided in various theories. Some people believed that Luke Skywalker is the last Jedi. Meanwhile, other fans were convinced that Rey is the last Jedi. However, the recent reports on the foreign title’s plural form suggested that the term Jedi is both singular and plural in term. Basically, the plural form of the word Jedi stays in its original form.

Fans were thankful to the foreign languages which helped them to discover the real meaning for the film’s title. Disney recently release an international poster for the film which referred to Los Ultimos Jedi. The Spanish title meant that the is more than one Jedi. The German title translated it to Die Letzten Jedi which also meant that fans can expect more last Jedi in the film. The French title of the film, Les Derniers Jedi, meant the same as the other translations– the translations take the plural form instead of the singular form.

The translations helped to settle the debate of the fans. Avid Star Wars fans concluded that The Last Jedi is in plural form. Presumably, there is a possibility that both Luke and Rey are the last Jedi. Moreover, both character have a natural affinity with the Force.

Star Wars Episode 8 Theory: Is Rey the daughter of Luke Skywalker?

There is no confirmation if there are other Jedi apart from Rey and Luke. Most theories about the last Jedi revolved around the two characters. Star Wars’ theorists claim that Rey is Luke’s daughter, while others believe that she is a Kenobi. Other speculations stated that Luke could possibly die in Episode 8, although this theory was not verified from the source material. As of the moment, there is scarcity when it comes to plot details. The film’s executives made a great job in keeping it a secret, to the extent that they have to shred actors’ scripts.

Fans determined that Luke will train Rey during Episode VIIThe Force Awakens. Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda might make some appearance on Episode VIII. Rumor has it that Anakin’s ghost will show up. Fans will have to take these theories with a grain of salt. Star Wars’ filmmakers have sealed every piece of information as a secret which is a great ploy for marketing.

The international headlines for Star Wars Episode 8 was first reported by the Flickering Myth blog site.

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