Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi Plot: How Bio-Hexacrypt Affects the Story

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Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi Plot: How Bio-Hexacrypt Affects the Story PHOTOGRAPH: Star Wars Facebook Page |

Fans kept on clamoring for more Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi plot details. Unfortunately, not much is known about the upcoming film. Despite the lack of any trailers, a new photo from actor John Boyega hinted at a new concept for the film. Director Rian Johnson gave Boyega a custom-made poster, featuring Finn moaning in frustration at a new word. The mysterious word reads as ‘bio-hexacrypt.’

On March 5, the actor shared a photo on Instagram. In the photo, he was pointing at a painting of his character, Finn, seemingly confused with the word ‘bio-hexacrypt.’ The photo hinted that Boyega had frustrations with the new and complex Star Wars lingo. Fans find it endearing that the actor shared the moment. However, the most important part is the fact that Finn will mention the word within the movie at least once.

Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi: Theories on the real meaning of the word ‘bio-hexacrypt’

The word also stunned some avid Star Wars fans. There had never been a ‘bio-hexacrypt’ in Star Wars before. The websites with all the Star Wars information did not list the word. Fans cannot find the word on Wookieepedia, a Wikia page for Star Wars fans, as well as on This proves that whatever a ‘bio-hexacrypt’ is, it will be the new concept in the Star Wars universe.

Some people speculated that since the words ‘bio’ and ‘crypt’ are in it, the sci-fi word might be a code. The bio-hexacrypt could be a cipher embedded in a biological tissue. Another theory claims that the word might be referencing to a confidential code. An interesting theory deciphered the word in its root form. ‘Crypt’ means a building where the dead rests. With the word ‘bio’ and ‘hex’, it might mean that it could hold six people. Still, others believe that it is connected with Finn’s spy mission.

According to some Episode VIII theories, Finn will aid the Resistance through the help of his First Order training. Rumor has it that Finn might even be aboard the First Order’s main command ship. The rumored ship is another Super Star Destroyer. The description for the ship is a gigantic huge wedge, solid, and dark. Finn will put on the disguise of a First Order officer in order to have access to the ship. Star Wars’ theorists believe that Finn might bump into a stormtrooper who knew him. The stormtrooper is believed to be the cameo of Tom Hardy in the film.

Instead of apprehending him, the unnamed stormtrooper will congratulate Finn for his supposed promotion. The theory claims that Finn’s mission will involve planting explosives on the ship. With the revelation of a new word, fans believe that it has something to do with Finn’s mission. There is no confirmation on the reality of theories and rumors about Finn’s mission. Fans are advised to take the information and theories with a grain of salt.

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