Star Wars 9 Spoilers: Carrie Fisher’s Death, Extensive Rewrite Could Delay Film’s Release Date

Star Wars 9 Spoilers: Carrie Fisher’s Death, Extensive Rewrite Could Delay Film’s Release Date PHOTOGRAPH: Flickr/Gage Skidmore | Carrie Fisher Gage Skidmore / Flickr Under CC by SA 2.0

After the recent news of Carrie Fisher’s death made headlines, the latest Star Wars 9 spoilers reveal a big change.

The Star Wars saga has been around for decades and it has solidified its place in pop culture. Years may have gone by, but the popularity of the epic space saga has grown and welcomed new fans into the fold.

Star Wars Of Old

When Disney and Lucasfilm announced that they would be making the final trilogy in the Skywalker story arc, the news was met with a lukewarm response. The prequel trilogy, while it boasted a fresh young cast, didn’t tickle fans’ fancy like the original did. Although it did manage to explain how the Skywalker twins and Darth Vader came to be.

The Force Awakens changed all that and brought back the nostalgia that fans felt with the original trilogy. Now fans and moviegoers are looking forward to see how the show pans out. With actress Carrie Fisher dead, one of the Star Wars 9 spoilers would be a good bye to her character Princess Leia in the film.

According to Heavy, prior to the actress’ death, she had several film and television projects in the works. So fans will still see her in other films such as indie fantasy Wonderwell, series Catastrophe, Family Guy, and Star Wars Episode 8.

However, the big question now is what will happen in Star Wars Episode 9.


Rewriting The Script

There are speculations that the final film in the trilogy may be delayed. This is because the writers will have to figure out how to rewrite the story around Fisher’s death.

The film was scheduled to begin production next year and Priness Leia Organa is a key player in the film. Now the writers and the producers have to decide if they’ll keep her around or kill her character in the film. In any case, Star Wars 9 spoilers won’t be made official until next year as production officially starts then.

According to USA Today, Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack on a flight on Friday. She stopped breathing for 10 minutes in-flight and was immediately taken to a hospital in Los Angeles. She died four days later at the age of 60.