Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi Theory: Snoke Was Disfigured by Luke Skywalker

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Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi Theory: Snoke Was Disfigured by Luke Skywalker PHOTOGRAPH: Facebook/Cinema Insiders |

A new Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi theory gave an interesting thought on how Supreme Leader Snoke’s face became disfigured. Fans had endless theories regarding his identity and origins. However, the recent theory about his scarred face made sense due to how it fits in the Star Wars universe. It is possible that Luke Skywalker could be the culprit as to why Snoke’s face was destroyed.

Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi Theory: Did Luke disfigured Snoke’s face?

There are fans claiming that Snoke could be the last Jedi in Episode VIII. Nonetheless, fans are more curious on how his face was horribly disfigured. The look of Supreme Leader Snoke is a heavily guarded secret before the Star Wars episode 7 came out. Before The Force Awakens hit the cinemas last December 2015, nobody knew outside the production about Snoke’s face. Even Andy Serkis, the actor who did the motion capture for Snoke, had no idea what Snoke would look like. A lot of people had no idea what happened to Snoke but his face reveals that he had been through a lot. His face looked severely disfigured with a pretty substantial scarring.

The cause of facial damage to Snoke is still unknown until a recent theory surfaced. Youtuber Mike Zeroh claimed that the Supreme Leaded of the First Order seemed to have a fight with Luke in a flashback scene in Episode VIII. Zeroh stated that Snoke will have a puppet suit made at the Pinewood Studios. Basically, the suit will be for the physical Snoke, not the CGI version.

The Last Jedi Theory: Episode VIII might feature a fight between Luke and Snoke

The Youtuber mentioned the scars of Snoke and have a theory about its cause. Zeroh believed that Snoke will be having a huge battle with Luke in a flashback. This would mean that Luke was the reason why Snoke had to live with a disfigured face. However, there is not confirmation that Luke is the culprit for Snoke’s scars. The information is not a leak but rather a simple theory coming from Star Wars fans.

Still, Zeroh fully believes that Luke had something to do with the scars. Another theory claimed that Snoke’s pact with the dark side might have disfigured his face. Basically, the more powerful he became, the more that the Dark Side devours him. The production made his eyes pale blue with the white part of his eyes similar to his skin tone and costume. Nevertheless, Snoke’s face will remain a mystery until The Last Jedi launches in December 2017.

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