Star Wars 8 Spoilers: ‘The Last Jedi’ Title Might Be Referring To Both Luke And Rey

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Star Wars 8 Spoilers: ‘The Last Jedi’ Title Might Be Referring To Both Luke And Rey PHOTOGRAPH: Pixabay/federicoghedeni | Under Public Domain

Star Wars 8 just released its official title and fans are now speculating that Rey is the key to everything. Since the release of The Force Awakens, Star Wars fans are growing increasingly curious about the next movie installments. Although the production is being kept highly confidential, some fans just let their imagination run wild with theories.

The title of Star Wars 8 is The Last Jedi. In a reality where Jedi are next to non-existent, the title excites fans in that there may be hope. Following the events of The Force Awakens, Rey went to find Luke Skywalker. The title, according to fans’ theory, may be referring to her journey to become a Jedi.

Not The Only One

Some have speculated that the title would be referring to both Luke and Rey. Luke is the last Jedi standing and Rey would perhaps be the last Jedi after he is gone. While there is a chance she will not become a Jedi in the eighth installment, her journey and training will likely be the film’s highlight.

According to Cinema Blend, some believe that Luke’s rushed training didn’t fully credit him as a Jedi in the end. Thus, Rey would likely be the one the title is referring to. She already has a natural affinity with the Force and already went against Kylo Ren in battle. So it may be possible that she may need less training due to her natural talent.

More Theories

Apart from that, she doesn’t know her true lineage yet. Since Rey’s appearance, and mysterious background, fans have theorized she could be a descendant of the Skywalkers. The parallel of being orphaned on a desert planet and finding an affinity with The Force is one theory. Plus, according to Cheat Sheet, she was able to see images upon touching Anakin Skywalker’s lightsaber.

If she does wind up becoming a Jedi and is part of the Skywalker family, it will definitely become a battle of cousins. The final battle between good and evil will ensue as Rey and Kylo Ren clearly represent the two sides of the Force. This trilogy will perhaps put an end to the family’s legacy as the last installment may be the final confrontation.

Expanded Universe

Some hardcore fans believe that Rey is Luke’s daughter, because the expanded universe revolved around the battle of twins. According to Cheat Sheet, the twin son and daughter of Han Solo and Princess Leia, Jacen and Jaina Solo, became Sith and Jedi respectively. While the film may change it up a bit, a new generation’s battle might be where the last trilogy is headed.

Star Wars 8 will be released on December 15, 2017. It will star Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Mark Hamill, Benicio Del Toro, Adama Driver, Oscar Isaac, and the late Carrie Fisher.

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