Star Wars 8 Spoilers: Rey To Fight Large Sea Monster To Earn Trust Of Terrifying New Creatures

Star Wars 8 Spoilers: Rey To Fight Large Sea Monster To Earn Trust Of Terrifying New Creatures Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Facebook

With still a year before its release date, fans have been awaiting for more Star Wars 8 spoilers. What could have been the latest about the much-awaited film?

Last year, the franchise released its seventh episode, the “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” New characters were introduced. One of them was the role of Daisy Ridley, the scavenger named Rey.

With so much mystery surrounding her identity, many followers of the Lucasfilm project have reportedly become more interested to know her. What part of Rey’s life will be unveiled in Star Wars 8?

Rey Fights A Huge Sea Monster

According to the latest spoilers from Making Star Wars, Rey is set to fight a humongous sea monster. Will she end up triumphant?

It was surmised that the scavenger-warrior will have to win over a monster that is “both terrifying and adorable.” To get the trust of the creatures with razor sharp teeth in the “mysterious island” on the planet Ahch-To, she needs to defeat a “large sea monster.”

In the last episode, it can be recalled that Rey and Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) crossed paths on the said island. This meeting is expected to bring more adventure and exciting scenes in the upcoming Star Wars 8, as what spoilers have suggested.

Luke Gets Monsters’ Support

Contrary to how the supposed monsters look at Rey, Luke will reportedly enjoy a special treatment from them. The newest report hinted that the legendary Jedi Master will be looked up as a “protector of the island.”

New Episode To Tackle “I”

In an interview with Empire Online, Daisy Ridley revealed huge Star Wars 8 spoilers. She dished that the storyline of the new sequel will revolve around “I.”

“’I’ sums up so many things. It’s powerful. It’s life,” she said “I’ve actually given you a big spoiler!”

Moreover, the latest Star Wars 8 spoilers also suggested that Rey could be the center of the eight episode of the franchise.