‘Star Trek 4’ Cast: Zoe Zaldana Believes Franchise Won’t Fold Soon Despite Discouraging Box Office Turnout

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‘Star Trek 4’ Cast: Zoe Zaldana Believes Franchise Won’t Fold Soon Despite Discouraging Box Office Turnout Zoe Zaldana (Flickr/Gage Skidmore)

There are no confirmed Star Trek 4 cast members that will join the film if ever it receives a green light from Paramount executives. After the lukewarm reception to Star Trek Beyond, some people believe that the series will no longer be revived.

However, Zoe Saldana saw a different future for the franchise. According to IGN, the actress would love to return for Star Trek 4. Saldana played communications officer Nyota Uhura.

The movie’s total domestic and foreign gross amounted to $336,756,543 with the production and marketing budget projected at $305 million. The figures did not correlate with the numbers for a movie, which is considered a box-office success.

Some movie insiders doubted that the Star Trek 4 will ever see the light of day. According to Screen Rant, even Paramount was not thrilled with the box office returns of Star Trek Beyond. This led for some to speculate that the franchise might be dying.

However, Saldana knew that the franchise is not yet over. Saldana stated that she is hoping that there is a future for the movie.

The actress stated that the show had longevity with a 50-year-life. She did not believe that the franchise’s future must be solely based on the box office turn out.

Saldana’s belief in the future of the franchise is not unfounded. Most critics and fans gave Star Trek Beyond a positive review. The people who watched the film liked the plot and the visual effects. The only problem was the fact that there were not enough people who went to see the movie in order for the franchise to gain a staggering box office sales.

 Star Trek 4 cast members

The actress is not the only one who is excited for Star Trek 4. Chris Hemsworth, who played George Kirk, stated that the producer has an amazing pitch. Movie producer J.J. Abrams created a pitch proving his dedication to the franchise. Hemsworth said that he already talked with Abrams and learned about his plan for Star Trek 4.

If Star Trek 4 will get Paramount’s go signal, it will continue the franchise from 2009. However, the film will not feature Anton Yelchin, who played Ensign Pavel Chekov.

Yelchin died in a tragic accident when he was trapped by his own car on the driveway of his home. Abrams will not find a replacement for the actor out of respect to Yelchin. Abrams stated that he cannot imagine replacing the actor and concluded that Yelchin will not be replaced.

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