South Korea to Activate Decapitation Unit in Event of War With North Korea

South Korea to Activate Decapitation Unit in Event of War With North Korea Korean flag by Valentin Janiaut / Flickr with CC BY 2.0

North and South Korea’s impending war gets worse each day. In fact, the North’s leader, Kim Jong-un, recently oversaw an assault that involves setting ablaze a mock-up of Sokor’s Blue House.

South Korea’s Central News Agency reported that Kim held and monitored a series of exercises, which involved the special operations battalion of the Korean People’s Army Unit 525. The military activity included bombardments of targets and infiltration of specific South Korean targets.

The assault on the Blue House, the highlight of the drill, took place on Saturday. This was a day after Park Geun-hye’s impeachment.

Footage circulating online shows troops using ropes to descend from helicopters before attacking. The Blue House’s replica is later seen wreathed in smoke.

There are also images showing attackers firing semi-automatic weapons into the building. Additionally, as per the Telegraph, Kim is pictured standing in front of heavily armed unit members.

“Watching the brave service personnel independently and proactively perform their combat duty, destroying specified targets of the enemy,” the North Korean leader reportedly said. “Well done, the enemy troops have no space to hide themselves, far from taking any counteraction.” Aside from prior drills held, he also ordered the unit to prepare to “conduct bold combat actions with the southern part of Korea as their theatre.”

South Korea To Activate Decapitation Unit

In the event that North Korea continues to prey on the South, Sokor activates a rhetoric against Pyongyang. According to CNN, the South is speeding up its plans to set up a so-called “decapitation unit.”

It involves a regiment specifically tasked to target the North’s “wartime command.” According to a South Korea Defense Ministry official, one of the major targets would be its rival’s leader, Kim Jong-un.

The said unit would be activated in the “event of war,” the official added. Sokor’s brigade is supposed to be ready in 2019. However, the Defense Ministry said it will be finished “by this year.”

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