Someone is Filming War in Mosul as it Happens: Know the Title, Plot and Lead Characters

Someone is Filming War in Mosul as it Happens: Know the Title, Plot and Lead Characters PHOTOGRAPH: Kurdishstruggle / Flickr | Kurdish YPG Fighters

The battle to take over Mosul from ISIS forces involves the Iraqi army and Kurdish forces. While the struggle continues, a Kurdish filmmaker is shooting a real-time war drama.

Mosul: The War Film

Fekri Baroshi, the filmmaker, is shooting a war drama about some of the individuals caught in the struggle. The working title of the film is “A Dream Before Dying.” The Kurdish filmmaker stated that he couldn’t wait to tell the story in cinematic form.

Baroshi said that the film is based on real-life Iraqi Kurdish soldiers. He explained that these soldiers face death every day, according to NPR. Also involved are bomb technicians who dismantle life-threatening explosives. They also remove, Bashoshi said, mines, roadside bombs and booby traps hidden throughout the territory held by Islamic State fighters.

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In fact, the location of the shoot is a short distance from the area where explosives are used to injure and kill people every day.

“A Dream Before Dying” is being made with another unique feature. The soldier’s wife, who is the female lead in the film, is being played by Dejin Jamil, dubbed as the first Yazidi actress to have a lead role in a feature film.

While the compact religious minority is socially conservative, Jamil has no problem playing the role. Moreover, she stated that she has received support for her dream of acting at home.

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Kurt Braun, an American from Detroit, is the director of photography for the film.

Baroshi stated that shooting and post-production is still being planned. If things turn out fine, he will finish the film by spring of 2017.

Mosul: Iraqis Escape

As of now, more than 13,000 civilians have fled Iraq’s Mosul. The escape took place in the past five days.

Since then, government troops started the second phase to take over Mosul. The city is being held by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

UN spokesperson Stéphane Dujarric pointed out the average daily displacement. Currently, the numbers have gone up by nearly 50 percent since military operations became stronger.

“….some 1,600 to more than 2,300 displaced per day,” Dujarric said.

Al Jazeera reported that almost 130,000 out of 1.5 million Iraqis have escaped Mosul and its nearby areas due to the fighting.

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