Skeleton With Elongated Skull, Eight-inch Fingers Unearthed in Peru Caves – Researchers Claim it is an Alien

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Skeleton With Elongated Skull, Eight-inch Fingers Unearthed in Peru Caves – Researchers Claim it is an Alien PHOTOGRAPH: Guardians/Flickr | Alien Intruder, Interdimensional ,

A giant claw was discovered in the caves of Peru. A faction of self-declared paranormal researchers made the discovery before claiming that the claw belonged to an alien.

Alien: The Peru Discovery

Researchers unearthed a gigantic three-fingered hand with fingers at least eight inches long. It was reportedly discovered in tunnels near the ancient city of Cusco. Furthermore, they claimed that it belonged to an extraterrestrial or prehistoric human-like creature.

However, the researchers have not yet revealed the exact location where the bones were found, according to the Daily Mail. In addition, the group allegedly discovered an elongated extraterrestrial-like skull as well. They claimed that the skull was found close to where they reportedly discovered the hand.

In contrast, the claims have not yet been verified by a scientist or researcher from a reputed institution. The group reportedly handed the mysterious items to “paranormal researcher” Brien Foerster, who runs a tour company in Peru.

According to Foerster, the discovery was taken to unidentified experts, who implemented tests and concluded that the hand had six bones in each finger instead of five. This team of experts reportedly used x-rays to suggest that the hand and skull were actual biological objects. They claimed that the objects were real bones and had skin tissues.

Claims were also made that the team is now planning to conduct DNA tests on the mysterious discovery. The tests will be done in the USA later this year. However, individual tests have not been run yet. Furthermore, the team considered that radiocarbon and DNA testing will disclose the actual origin of the mysterious hand.

Alien enthusiast Scott C. Waring talked about his thoughts on this discovery.

“DNA results will only say the DNA doesn’t match any known species. We have no aliens to compare it,” he said.

Alien: Previous Discoveries

The gigantic hand is not the first discovery of this kind.Other extraterrestrial artifacts had been discovered, raising eyebrows among the scientific community.

Interestingly, in 2016, claims were made from a set of ancient Egyptian coins. Conspiracy theorists alleged that these coins could act as evidence that an extraterrestrial race visited Earth thousands of years ago, as per The Sun.

Foerster was also involved in the revelation of the Paracas elongated skull. The Paracas skulls are considered by UFO hunters as the best evidence of ancient extraterrestrial visitations, said Express UK.

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