Sherlock Season Finale Leaks Online and Russia is Suspected to be the Mastermind

Sherlock Season Finale Leaks Online and Russia is Suspected to be the Mastermind PHOTOGRAPH: Peter Pham/ Flickr |

The news of a Sherlock season finale leak is making BBC investigate what really happened. Televisions series may just be a part of entertainment but for those who followed the show for a while see it as serious business. News of a leak is usually never good news, for the audiences or the channel it is airing on.

On Air Before Scheduled

The latest news that is creating a buzz on the Internet is the Sherlock season finale leak. It is not like other leaks, where only clips and screenshots get released. This leak actually aired the entire 90-minute episode before its scheduled airtime.

According to Sputnik News, the episode titled “The Final Problem” was leaked online in Russian without the logo of the channel it was airing in. To be specific, the show was leaked one day before the premiere of the episode. Because of this, the Russians were the first ones in the world to watch the series.

Now the producers are speculating Russian hackers as the possible culprits for this. In fact, Twitter is getting a lot of tweets regarding the leak. Some even posting screen caps of the leaked episode.

Getting More Serious

BBC Worldwide, on the other hands, is not taking this lightly. According to Telegraph UK, the company initiated a full investigation into the leak, as analysts suggest it was done to taint the British channel. This is because BBC was the one that sold the content overseas.

The Sherlock season finale leak is now being linked to Russia’s increasing usage of cyber-attacks. The leak of this episode does not have any profit involved. Ben Nimmo, an information defense fellow at the Atlantic Council, stated it could possibly be a political move.

There are others that suspect poorly intellectual property handling on Russia’s end. Whatever the reason Russia had for doing this, there is no doubt that it would damage BBC. Sherlock is one of their biggest success stories. So for this to happen would be a big blow to their reputation and the like.

The television crime series already has four seasons and has gotten a steady influx of audiences over the past few years. Since its initial release in 2010, the reviews of the show were highly positive. In fact, the show has won and was nominated for numerous awards.

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